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The Best Student Management System for Your School

At Proctur, we understand the challenges that schools and educational institutions encounter on a regular basis and present the ideal solution to overcome them. We offer robust school ERP software that aims to streamline core activities closely associated with the smooth functioning of your school. If paperless and agile management is what you seek, then Proctur’s school ERP solution is what you need.

End-to-End Online Exam Administration

Proctur’s ERP software for educational institutes comes loaded with features that facilitate the smooth administration of exams online. Right from creating question papers to grading papers and assessing student performance, Proctur’s software simplifies the process of online exam administration from start to finish.

Exams conducted online with best school erp software |Proctur
Make Progress Reports with student management system

Comprehensive Advanced Report Generation

Proctur’s School Management ERP software is capable of generating over 50 different types of reports. Right from performance reports to account ledgers, you can count on our app to automatically generate insightful reports that are detailed, accurate, visually arresting, and easy to understand.

School Management ERP Software for Streamlined Student Database Management

School administrators have to deal with an overwhelming amount of data, especially pertaining to students. Managing them can become tedious. This is where Proctur’s Best school Management Software comes into play. Our solution can provide overburdened school staff with relief by automating and streamlining the process of handling this data.

Admission & student management system software

Proctur provides schools with a student management system software that can considerably simplify this otherwise chaotic process. Besides digitizing the task of handling student data, our software also alleviates the risk of human error that often arises when data is managed manually. Our software can automate this entire operation from start to finish, thus alleviating the burden on your staff.

Managing Student Information & Admissions with school management software
 Easy Attendance with proctur's school management application software

Attendance Made Easy

With an impeccable attendance management system, Proctur delivers software that offers convenience to all teachers, students, and school administrators alike. Our online school attendance software facilitates two types of attendance systems – subject-wise and day-wise. Furthermore, our software can generate detailed, accurate attendance reports

Student fees management solutions

Another aspect that makes Proctur’s solution the best student management system is the complete accounting system it comes equipped with. Our solution allows you to conveniently collect fees, manage invoices, and receive payments from across the globe. You can track outstanding payments in real-time and send alerts to parents reminding them of payment deadlines.

 Manage your fees with best school management software

School Management Software to Take Your Educational Enterprise to the Next Level

Proctur succeeds in delivering the best ERP software for schools precisely because of our informed understanding of the challenges that schools today face. It is our commitment to convenience and quality that allows us to offer robust solutions like an impeccable online student attendance management system to best cater to every school’s requirements.

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Cross-Platform Mobile App

Proctur delivers its school management ERP software in the form of a user-friendly app that all parties integral to a school can operate without a hassle. Our app caters to the needs of everyone from teachers and students to parents and staff members.

Smooth Integrations with Powerful Tools

Our software’s ability to integrate with several useful third-party applications is one of the reasons why it is hailed as one of the Best Student Management System. Our platform facilitates seamless payment gateway, email, and SMS integration for convenience.

Integrated Solutions with proctur's best erp for school
Protect your school management data with Proctur

Reliable Data Security

Adherence to stringent data security protocols is another factor that makes Proctur’s solution the best school management ERP software out there. Proctur leverages Amazon Web Server to securely store important data and ensures there is no chance of it ever falling in the wrong hands.

Simplified HR Management

Besides being the best student management system, Proctur’s solution facilitates efficient management of HR-related tasks like managing payments and salaries. Proctur simplifies HR management by making it paperless and less time-consuming.

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Manage front desk staff with school management erp software

Streamlined Front Desk Management

Apart from nesserry features Proctur provides some of the next level detailed features like asset, inventory, income/expense management etc. including visitor management system that empowers your front-desk staff with a digitized list that contains key information pertaining to each visitor recorded in the system.

Conduct Seamless Live Classes Beyond Covid-19

With built-in Zoom integration, Proctur’s online school management software allows teachers to conduct live classes in HD audio and video live-streaming quality. With our software, we ensure teachers and students can partake in the usual classroom sessions without having to leave the comfort of their respective homes.

Live classes with proctur's online school management software

Frequently asked Questions

School management ERP software is a solution that can automate, digitize, and streamline all administrative and academic tasks integral to the day-to-day functioning of any educational institution. Such solutions exist to alleviate the burden caused by otherwise tedious functions associated with schools and coaching institutes via a paperless, intuitive application.

There are numerous ERP tools out there that promise nothing short of excellence to their potential customer. However, only a few leave up to these promises. Proctur is one such provider that has earned quite a reputation for itself in the country recently for our development and delivery of perhaps the best ERP software for schools.

For an online school management software to be considered even remotely great, it needs to excel with regard to its functionality and usability. It also needs to harbor the following imperative features:

● Attendance management

● Student and Staff database management

● Fees management

● Online Exam and Live Class administration

● Comprehensive report generation

An online school management software, as the name suggests, is a tool that takes core activities pertaining to a school’s day-to-day functioning online. Some of the best student management systems would take mundane school functions like conducting exams, grading paper, etc., and automates them. This way teachers have more time to focus on teaching rather than wasting time on tedious administrative duties.

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