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Select the Best Student Management System

Handling the day-to-day operations of an educational institution is no child’s play. Hence, we at Proctur bring to you one of the best ERP software for schools that makes the prospect of running such institutions less tedious and more efficient. With our online school management software, you can easily manage paperless and brisk management of educational businesses.

Live classes with proctur's online school management software

Conduct Seamless Live Classes During & Beyond Covid-19

Our online school management software allows you to conduct live classes directly through Proctur with in-build Zoom integration. Our commitment to convenience for school staff & students makes our solution one of the best ERP software for schools.

Online Exams

Proctur’s online school management software provides an exam management system to run and manage exams smoothly with exam attendance, grading, and scheduling features. Streamline your exams and results with the best ERP software for schools.

Exams conducted online with best school erp software |Proctur
Make Progress Reports with student management system

Advanced Reports

Get 50+ reports of all kinds! Right from student report cards to account ledger reports with the help of our online school management software. Equip your institution with the best ERP software for schools to generate in-depth & accurate reports.

Manage student database with our best student management system software

School administrators have to deal with thousands of students regularly. Handling everything from admission, fees to maintaining attendance records can be overwhelming. We at Proctur help your institution alleviate this issue with our intuitively designed student database management system. Our student management system can streamline & automate all crucial aspects to assist your overburdened school staff.

Admission & Student Information Management

Admission management system by Proctur will simplify and streamline the chaotic and time-consuming admission process. Unlike our student management system, manually managing the admission procedure is an overwhelming task for the school’s administrator, and sometimes this cumbersome process leads to human error. Using Proctur’s student database management system, schools can digitize the whole operation and improve the efficiency of the administrators.

Managing Student Information & Admissions with school management software
 Easy Attendance with proctur's school management application software

Attendance Made Easy

Attendance system for all types of users - students, teachers, staff & management. Proctur’s student database management system features two types of attendance systems - day-wise & subject-wise. Our student management system allows you to see detailed attendance reports

Fees Management

Complete accounting system to manage fee types, invoicing, expenses and income also receive payments globally. With the help of our student database management system, your staff can keep a real-time track of fees collection. The student management system we provide also helps you generate various customized reports and send instant alerts to parents in case of overdue fees.

 Manage your fees with best school management software

Try our most convenient school management software

Similar to most businesses, juggling between several key functions that keep an educational institution running can be challenging. We at Proctur offer an online school management software that helps you and your school staff overcome those challenges in an effective manner. To manage educational institutions conveniently, we provide school management software.

school management erp software | The App for Your School | Proctur

Your School APP

One school - one app for all stakeholders. Teachers, students, parents, management, & staff can perform multiple activities from a single app. In other words, the school management software we deliver works for all parties with a stake in the educational institution.

Useful Integrations

We offer an online school management software that comes fully integrated with multiple payment gateway options. Moreover, our software facilitates seamless SMS and Email integration as well.

Integrated Solutions with proctur's best erp for school
Protect your school management data with Proctur

Data Security

With our robust online school management software, you don’t have to worry about any crucial information being stolen. Proctur protects your data by storing it in Amazon Web Servers.

HR Management

Save time by managing salaries and payments directly from Proctur. Our school management software makes the tedious process of HR management paperless, efficient and less time-consuming.

erp software school management | Proctur
Manage front desk staff with school management erp software

Front Desk Management

With Proctur’s online school management software you get a Visitor Management system empowered with the ability to see visitor lists and complete information of each visitor.

Frequently asked Questions

A student management system can be described as software that helps school administrators track, organize and manage student data pertaining to their admission, grades, fees, interpersonal activities, etc. Aside from being useful to teachers and school staff, student management software can also benefit parents and students themselves.

An online school management software should include the following:

● Ability to streamline the admission process

● Maintain students attendance and fees records>

● Maintain high-end data security

● Seamless payment gateway, email, and SMS integration

A student management system exists to serve many fundamental purposes. However, its core objective should be to make the lives of teachers, school administrators, parents, and students more convenient by providing a platform that maintains and manages key data pertaining to students in a secure and efficient manner.
To create a reliable student database management system, one must first consider the requirements unique to their educational institution. We at Proctur work hand-in-hand with our clients, ensuring full transparency while we develop software that is customized according to the specific requirements of their school.

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