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Revolutionize the way educational entities conduct examinations with Proctur’s intuitively designed free online exam software. With the help of our talented developers, we help develop an end-to-end exam management software that allows schools, colleges, and coaching institutes to create and manage a seamless online examination session for their students.

The tool comes jam-packed with features integral to automating and streamlining several fundamental aspects of conducting online exams. From helping students partake in exams to assisting teachers in the assessment of student performance, we deliver the best online exam software that not only digitizes this crucial function but also simplifies it considerably.

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Although conducting an examination session might seem simple on the surface, the actual process can be extremely daunting. Alongside creating the actual question papers, teachers need to go through the stressful administration, scheduling, and grading of these papers as well, which can be overwhelming depending on the number of students taking the exams.

At Proctur, we arm teachers and school administrators with the best online exam software… one which is capable of simplifying all tasks associated with the conduction of exams. We make exam administration easy by offering robust exam attendance, grading, and scheduling features in one online exam software.

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Conduct Online Exams Software

Whether it is MCQs, subjective or objective questions, Proctur’s online exam software makes it easier to create and conduct exams online in a quick and efficient manner. We’ve been in the industry long enough to know what an application needs to simplify the entire examination process.

As such we offer a free software for conducting online exams that automates and simplifies

Exam Attendance Management

Paper Grading

Examination Scheduling

Exam Administration

Student Performance Assessment

Student Performance Report Generation

From the moment you create the question papers till the eventual performance assessment, our app will be your ally throughout the arduous process.

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Online Examination: Easy to Use Online Examination Software

Although we offer an advanced online exam software, we also put heavy emphasis on making the software easy to use and navigate. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to operate our software.

Teachers, students, and school administrators can use our online exam software to conduct or take exams online on any mobile or computer device without a hassle. Moreover, teachers don’t have to worry about exam paper leaks as we adhere to stringent privacy control and data security protocols

Frequently asked Questions

An educational institution needs software that makes the entire examination process simple for students and teachers alike. So it would be best to first consider the benefits your teachers and students expect to reap from such an app. Some of the best online exam software possess exam administration, grading, student attendance, and scheduling features. You also need to ensure the chosen development partner has good experience in the industry.

Most free apps for conducting online exams are relatively more convenient to operate. However, you can still follow a few tips to make sure your online exams go smoother for the sake of all parties involved. To facilitate smoother online exam sessions your app needs to facilitate:

● Seamless communication between teachers and students

● Data security to prevent leaks

● Proper assessment via comprehensive report generation

With the recent Covid-19 outbreak, it was found that most teachers and students found it convenient to conduct exams and classes remotely. To keep up with this trend, educational institutes need to integrate an online exam software that caters to the evolving expectations of their teachers, students, and staff. Educational institutes can also save a lot of time and money by simply having an application shoulder this responsibility.

There are several tempting benefits for students when it comes to online exam software. Taking online exams is far more flexible than traditional examinations. Students can take these tests from the comfort of their homes with the help of any device. Moreover, the reports generated by such software are insightful, thus providing students with a comprehensive presentation of their performance. Proctur’s free software for conducting online exams embodies all of these merits.

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