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Student Development through the Online Coaching App

Coaching Management App: Students Development through the Online System

Empower your students with an impeccable online learning experience via Proctur’s secure, full- featured coaching app. The UI and functionality of this tuition app is easier to use and navigate, regardless of whether the person using it is technically proficient.

The app lays heavy emphasis on making communication easier between teachers and students over the internet. As such, we offer a software that makes it convenient for students to partake in live online classes, take online exams, and get insightful reports of their performance from any mobile device… all from the comfort of their humble abode.

Use our time-saving coaching management app

With Proctur’s online coaching classes app, you get a fully-digitized system that makes managing a coaching business less time-consuming. By automating several crucial functions, our online coaching app makes the management of any coaching business more cost-effective and time-efficient.

Our app helps you save time

Manage your tuition app by creating, conducting, and managing online classes

Create, Conduct and Manage Online Live Classes

Manage tuition app-based communication between teachers and students

Create a seamless communication channel between teachers and students

With the coaching management app, assign, manage, and track assignments

Assign, manage and track assignments

Using proctur's coaching management app, students' performance is assessed.

Assess student performance via comprehensive reports..

Coaches can track student fees and payments with proctur tution app.

Manage and track student fees and payments.

Manage online exams using Coaching class management app.

Create and Conduct Online Exams

Coaching Class Management App: Learn Virtually and Grow Effectively

Proctur’s coaching management app is designed to help teachers and coaching institutes take their teaching practices online. It is a proven fact that significant automation of a business’s core functions can help it save 30-50% in operational costs. This is exactly what our app does. The platform arms you with all the tools your coaching business needs for its long-term growth, and prosperity.

Our online tuition app can help you grow by:

Helping Build a Strong Online Brand Presence

Building Interactive Classroom Sessions.

Facilitating Efficient Fees Collection

Alleviating Manual Task Burden

Automating Communication Between Teachers, Parents, Students, and Staff

Using the Coaching Class Management App to Learn and Grow

Our coaching institute management app gives you the most reliable ways to learn.

Students benefit from Proctur's tuition management app for coaching institutes

Proctur’s coaching institute management app makes learning simple for students with the help of several intuitive features. The tool comes with built-in Zoom integration, thus allowing students to partake in live online classes remotely from any mobile device.

For those who are passionate about learning | Proctur's Coaching app

Our coaching app helps teachers replicate the aesthetic of traditional classes by allowing students to communicate with teachers and have their queries addressed in real-time.

Proctur tution app Providing education with a different attitude

The tool also features an end-to-end exam management system that makes managing online examinations convenient. Both of these features are supported by the app’s ability to generate over 50 types of reports that present insightful information on student performance.

Frequently asked Questions

A coaching app is an app that offers a wide variety of coaching tools to make the most difficult tasks easier. This application provides you with all that your coaching needs for its development and prosperity.
A good tuition app will make the process of learning easier for its students with the help of targeted features and integration. Proctur is one of the leading tuition apps as it has a vast number of intuitive features and optimizations.

Implementing a coaching management app can bring a lot of positive growth for your business. Here is why:

● Build a strong brand presence

● Facilitating Interactive learning sessions

● Enabling personal e-tutoring

● Automated and timely communications

● Enhanced relationship between teachers, parents, and students.

● Analytics and student report

The teaching industry continues to boom rapidly and here are a few things you could do as a coach to grow your business.

● Create/ Use a online tuition app

● Choose a niche and expertise in it

● Use the online tuition app to give one on one learning sessions

● Empower your students with an e-learning experience

● Enable flexibility and convenience for students

● Enable seamless communication with your students using the tuition app

Proctur is one of the best platforms for coaching in India. The online tuition app enhances the learning experience of your students through various integrations. It helps you to have better teacher, student, and parent communication. It takes care of various other activities like fees management, assessment management, online classes, and live sessions, student report and mark sheet management, and much more!

Proctur is the leading coaching app preferred by teachers as it facilitates -

● Multiple teaching options

● Better interaction with students

● Enhanced involvement and communication with parents

● Huge online resources

● Activation of systematic and organised teaching and learning

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