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The best effective Online Attendance System for Students

Make student database management hassle-free with Proctur’s all-in-one online attendance software. We at Proctur understand how overwhelming it can be for teachers and school administrators to manage student attendance. As such, we offer a robust online attendance system for students that digitizes this often chaotic but imperative function.

Our platform enables tutors, teachers, and coaching businesses to store all crucial details pertaining to their enlisted students in a secure cloud database. As such, teachers and coaching institutes can access or manage this data anywhere and anytime they desire, from any device they prefer.

Students Attendance Tracking System

Tracking student attendance, especially with online classes, can be difficult. Educational businesses today need a student attendance management system that not only allows them to take their classes online but also simplifies the attendance process. That is exactly what Proctur’s student attendance management system app does.

We design a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate UI that makes convenient access to imperative student details possible whenever needed. Trainers and teachers can simply pull up the student information they need on their mobile devices. Our app makes it easier to track whether an enlisted student is attending classes, how many classes they’ve attended, etc.

When Attendance Matters Use Proctur's online student attendance management system

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Although attendance management and tracking are extremely crucial to your school or coaching business, that is not the only function our student attendance management system streamlines. In fact, you get a full-featured end-to-end software that automates several processes associated with the efficient handling of student databases.

Proctur’s Online Attendance System for students facilitates:

Online Exam Enrollment and Attendance Management

End-To-End Student Administration

Manage and Track Fees Collection

Detailed Student Information Management

Assign and Track Assignments

Secure Storage of Student Data at Amazon Web Servers.

All of the above features have made Proctur the go-to development partner for educational businesses

Need To Aim To Attend School 100% then Use Proctur's student attendance software

Student Attendance Management System

Proctur’s student attendance management system caters to all types of users. It can help teachers, staff, students, and management simplify the arduous task of attendance management and tracking. Taking current industry trends into consideration, developers at Proctur design a student management system app that caters to features two types of attendance systems:

Day Wise Attendance

Subject Wise Attendance.

Proctur aims to simplify the attendance management process by making the chaotic process more flexible. Furthermore, our app facilitates real-time attendance tracking, thus allowing our intuitive system to generate and present detailed attendance reports for maximum convenience.

Frequently asked Questions

Tracking student attendance is easy with an ideal online attendance system for students. Such apps facilitate the secure storage of student details to track attendance data virtually, which can later be translated into detailed reports with key information. Proctur’s app also makes it flexible for teachers to mark a student’s attendance as 50 % if they attended only half of the session and 100% if they attended the full session.

Whenever we at Proctur design an app, we do so with a heavy emphasis on user convenience. As such, we offer an app that comes with an attendance tracking feature, thus concerned parties can track attendance data in real-time and access it anytime and anywhere. Suffice to say, our student attendance management system app makes remote attendance tracking and reporting as simple as possible for teachers, students, and management alike.

Traditionally, educational institutions used long sheets to maintain records of their student’s attendance, which proved rather time-consuming and inefficient. Fortunately, online attendance systems for students like the one developed by Proctur allow teachers and school administrators to maintain records of attendance data and store them in secure databases online. These daily attendance records can later be accessed by authorized individuals in the form of comprehensive visual reports.

In any educational setting, it is the teachers who engage with students the most, whether it is for classes or examinations. As such, it is a teacher’s obvious role or responsibility to mark their student’s attendance to learn precisely which students are attending their classes and who are absent. Thanks to intuitive student management systems, it is easier for teachers today to record, maintain and track their students' attendance data online.

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