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Revolutionize your teaching methods with the best platform for online teaching in India developed by Proctur. Loaded with a plethora of intuitive features, our teaching platform is carefully tailored to serve the needs of educators, trainers and coaching classes in the country. We at Proctur understand how tough rendering of educational services can be.

Our developers work hand-in-hand with clients to devise a system that automates and streamlines day-to-day operations of their teaching business. With features that facilitate seamless online classes,examinations, student admissions, and more, we build an online teaching platform for teachers in India that makes the efficient management and delivery of quality teaching possible.

Life becomes easier with Online Teaching Platforms in India

Only students deserve their teacher’s undivided attention. Sadly, many institutions in India burden teachers with tedious administrative duties as well. We at Proctur aim to alleviate that burden by arming teachers with one of the best online teaching platforms in India.

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Our platform is loaded with robust features such as:

Built-in Zoom Integration For Conducting Online Live Classes

End to End Examination Management

Advanced Report Generation

Student Admission and Database Management

Assign and Track Assignments

Complete Accounting System for Efficient Fees Management

Seamless SMS, Payment and Email Integration

Reliable Data Security

All the above features combined make our app the online platform for teaching in India that educational institutions trust.

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A specific approach to Teaching

With recent advancements in technology, most students prefer the convenience provided by the Internet to take their lessons. By providing teachers with the best online teaching platform in India, Proctur aims to elevate the quality of lessons being rendered online. Our app allows teachers to conduct live classes online, administer exams, and communicate with students in real-time, all from the comfort of their home.

The app basically automates all administrative tasks associated with educational businesses, thus allowing teachers to focus on things that matter the most - their students. This is perhaps why our app is often lauded as the best online teaching platform for teachers.

Frequently asked Questions

Although different platforms will function differently, most online teaching platforms exist to serve certain key functions that make teaching simple. Online teaching platforms can help teachers conduct live classes online, administer exams, facilitate grading, manage student attendance and foster better communication with students. In other words, teaching apps digitize and thus simplify the day-to-day teaching experience alongside helping shoulder certain administrative burdens associated with HR, front desk, etc.

Proctur has been a renowned name in the education and app development market for quite a while now. We are also home to some of the most talented developers in the country. As such, we are more than capable of providing schools and coaching businesses with the best online teaching platform in India… one which effectively takes lessons online to serve the best interest of students, teachers, parents and management.

There is enough evidence to suggest that online teaching platforms for teachers in India are quite effective. As they facilitate the seamless conduction of online classes and examinations, teachers can render lessons and students can partake in them without having to leave their homes. Such platforms are especially effective in making quality education more accessible for students in rural areas who lack the privileges of traditional schools.

Proctur offers the best online platform for teachers, which comes equipped with the following features:

● Enabling Live Online Classes

● End-to-End Online Examination management.

● Create, Assign and Track Assignment

● Insightful Report Generations.

● Fully Digitized Admission System

● Chat Feature to Establish Seamless Communication between teachers and students.

● Complete Accounting System with Real-time tracking

● Email, SMS and Payment Gateway integration

● Secure data storage on Amazon Web Server.

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