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Best App for Teachers to Teach Online

Imagine a mobile or desktop solution that makes your job as a teacher considerably simple. That is precisely what we at Proctur deliver with our Best App for Online Teaching for Teachers for teachers. With a solution crafted by the best developers in the industry, we offer a solution that allows teachers to streamline and automate several critical aspects of their day-to-day duties.

Keeping the current trends in mind, we offer the Best App for Online Teaching for Teachers classes, administer online examinations, assess their students’ performances, and get instant access to insightful reports pertaining to their students. Our app allows you to handle your teaching duties in a flexible, comfortable, and efficient manner.

Online teaching app teaches without going to school

Best app for Teachers to Teach Online

Online Teaching App for Teachers

At Proctur, our experienced developers work hand-in-hand with our clients to provide the best app for teachers to teach online, which can be used by students, parents, and school administrators as well. No hidden costs or subscription fees are required to download and install the app.

The online teaching app we bestow upon teachers is designed to digitize, streamline, and automate their educational and administrative duties for their convenience.

With our app Teachers can:

spearhead online classes

connect with their students anytime they wish

conduct exams

grade student performance, etc...

At Proctur, our experienced developers work hand-in-hand with our clients to provide the best app for teachers to teach online.

Teach in the comfort of your own home | best app for teachers to teach online

The Most beneficial Application for Online Teaching

With the recent coronavirus outbreak, the demand for online classes is at an all-time high. As such, we at Proctur offer an online teaching app that allows teachers to conduct classroom sessions online via a desktop or mobile device from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, our app facilitates the end-to-end management of core teaching duties like examination, student attendance, and much more.

Our app also helps teachers conveniently connect with students and parents whenever they feel it’s necessary. Furthermore, we can help develop the best application for online teaching that works just as well for students, parents, school administrators, and other stakeholders involved with the educational institution

Frequently asked Questions

Proctur is the leading Best Online Teaching App as it facilitates -

● Multiple teaching options

● Enhanced interaction with your students

● Better involvement with parents

● Conduct exams

● Activation of systematic teaching

● Organised tracking of student progress

Proctur is one of the best apps for teachers to teach online in India. It offers an enhanced teaching experience enabling betterment for your students through various integrations. It activates a systematic teaching and learning atmosphere with good communication between the teachers, students, and parents. It takes care of various other activities, assessment management, online class management, one on one sessions, live sessions, report cards, mark sheet management, and much more!

Proctur is the best online teaching app to conduct live online classes and here’s why-

● Conduct AI-powered personalized live classes

● Enables high-quality student-teacher interactions

● Chat facility in a live class

● Get automated report of the call

● Integrations & Optimization

Yes, Proctur is the Best App for Online Teaching for Teachers as it is optimised so that the teacher can teach from their phone. The students can receive the classes in their respective gadgets, be it phones, tablets, or laptops. The students and teachers can communicate better with each other as well as enjoy a systematic teaching and learning atmosphere.

Proctur is the Best App for Online Teaching for Teachers as it offers an enhanced teaching experience. Both the teachers and students can enjoy systematically and organised teaching and learning. Parents can be involved in their child’s studies easily and communicate better with teachers.

One of the leading and efficient online teaching apps today is Proctur. This app enables students to conduct exams, grade student performance, conduct live online classes, and much more all on one platform.

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