The Role Of Technology In Schools: Opportunities And Challenges


Technology in Schools Offer Many Opportunities

No one can deny how integral technology is to our daily lives. How many can actually go an entire day without using their smartphones? Everything from our households to our governments relies on technology. With how pervasive tech has become today, it is only about time that educational institutions leverage this privilege to manage their day-to-day obligations.

This technological void is now being fulfilled by a plethora of online school management software that has essentially digitized and streamlined education. It is because of solutions like this that children living in rural areas can now access quality education without having to travel long hours. Students now have the opportunity to connect with their teachers, thanks to Zoom and other such applications to clarify any queries they may have.

With the level of automation technology enables, schools can better handle their administrative duties as well. This is exactly what the best school management software like the one developed by Proctur helps schools accomplish.

In Schools, Technology Poses Many Challenges

Despite the many tempting benefits technology holds for schools, most educational institutions have struggled to integrate them with their organizations across India. Now there are many reasons why this is the case. Some of the most prominent challenges facing schools today with regards to technology are as follows:

1. Insufficient Budget

Most schools and colleges in India simply do not have the funds to implement technology that integrates seamlessly with all aspects of their enterprise.

2. Lack of Trained Professionals

Many teachers and professors in Indian schools aren’t technologically savvy. Teachers must learn how to use the educational tech and also teach students how to use them also.

3. Inadequate Network Infrastructure

Lack of proper network infrastructure is a major hurdle restricting the marriage of technology with schools. Most Indian schools have poor WiFi connections with inefficient data security and privacy protocols.

Fortunately, the tides are now changing and schools are more intrigued by the prospect of technology powering their operations.

online coaching institute management software


As you can see for yourself, the integration of technology like online school management software can change how schools operate for the better. It can make the lives of teachers, students, parents, and school administrators considerably easier. This convenience is exactly what we at Proctur promise with our online coaching institute management software.

With Proctur’s school management software, you get a full-featured solution that facilitates:

· Conduct Live Classes Online with in-build Zoom Integration

· End-to-end examination management

· In-depth and insightful generation of 50 types of reports

· Admission and Student Information Management

· Simplified Attendance management system

· Fees management

· Front Desk Management

· HR Management

Proctur offers a single application that helps all stakeholders involved perform their duties efficiently. Moreover, our software also integrates seamlessly with multiple payment gateways to enable a hassle-free payment experience. Our software also shines when it comes to protecting our user’s data and privacy.

You can learn more about Proctur’s software by exploring our website or contacting us directly.

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