Top Key Features of Education ERP System

Top Key Features of Education ERP System

Technology has altered our lives significantly, and certainly, no field is intact. For several years, we have witnessed technology entering the education field as well.

A school or educational institution is a learning platform that shapes the future of the nation and compromising on its quality is certainly not a greater deal. Since technology has entered the educational world, ERP Solutions for Educational Institutions have made a greater contribution to improving the learning experience.

However, it is pretty complicated to choose the one that is the best fit for School or Institute Management. ERP Software for educational institutes is loaded with diversified functions.

Here’s a list of the top features of the Education ERP System:

• Record management

Every school has massive records that must be managed well and kept updated efficiently. Institute or ERP for Educational Institutions helps automate this process leading to minimal manual intervention and avoiding manual errors.

• Students Information

An efficient ERP Software for Educational institutes can also provide an integrated portal allowing easy access to all the essential information about a student. So the fee stats, personal information, or any other announcements can be shared easily with ERP software.

• Fees Management Solution

Another aspect that is surely an important feature that every school management ERP system should have is student fee management with a complete accounting system. It should allow you to conveniently collect fees, manage invoices, and receive payments from across the globe. Track due or overdue fees in real time and automate alerts for the same.

• Ease of Accessibility

An efficient ERP Solution for Educational institutes can easily provide access to any end user, including staff, teachers, students, or even parents.

• Scalable

Schools or Institutes cannot change their ERP System every year. And if the existing ERP cannot handle the increased data, it’s all waste. Therefore, it is always essential to focus on scalable ERP solutions.

• Security and Data Backup

An efficient ERP Software can keep the school’s critical information safe and confidential. The ERP Software for Educational Institute swiftly stores all the data and information and provides extensive data security.

• Mobile Application Accessibility

Not only limited to specific devices only. ERP Software for Educational institutions is easy to access on mobile devices so that no one misses any essential information. Access anything anytime and from anywhere with a click only.

ERP Software for Educational Institutes and their Benefits


• Transport Management

Not having a personal commutation for school can create a lot of mess or confusion, which is where school transportation helps. However, managing transportation services can be stressful.

An ERP System helps manage transport-related information and provides an easy view of the bus routes, driver information, and drop-off and pick-up timings.

• Effective Communication

How difficult it gets to communicate critical information to all the students when the number of students per school is enormous. An ERP System helps share urgent information with all the students in a blink of an eye.

• Makes attendance easy

ERP Software allows to analyse of detailed attendance reports subject-wise and day-wise and makes marking and tracking attendance easy.

• Online assessment tracking and report generation

It enables the users to make accurate reports and online assessments easy to track. With the multiple assessments throughout the year, it gets complicated to track it all. However, an ERP system provides it.

Bottom Line!

Running an educational institute can be complicated and managing it can be more daunting if not done right. ERP Solutions for Educational Institutions helps the institutions run the Institute imperatives easily.

However, choosing the right one as per the requirements is always a big task. Before selecting an ERP System, ensure to check on the features mentioned above and get the best one for your school management.

Proctur PC adheres to all the above-mentioned features and provides easy solutions for school management purposes. For more information, visit our website today.

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