How does Proctur’s ERP system automate the entire institution’s processes and operations

How does Procturs ERP system automate the entire institutions processes and operations 2jpeg 1 scaled

In a very short time, Proctur’s solution has earned itself a remarkable reputation for being one of the ERP software for educational institutes available today. We are proud to announce that it has resonated spectacularly with educational institutions around the world. A major reason for its success has been its ability to automate crucial day-to-day tasks, thus making the jobs of teachers and staff members easier.

So exactly how does Proctur achieve this feat, and what really makes this school management ERP system click with schools, colleges, and coaching institutes? That is what we will be focusing on today in this article.

Allow us to explain how Proctur’s ERP tool automates core administrative tasks integral to the functioning of an educational enterprise to earn the title of the best School ERP system.

1. Streamlined Exam Management

Administering exam can be a tedious and overwhelming process to undertake. Teachers have to create question papers, duplicate them, keep records of who attended the tests, grade papers, and then eventually create performance reports based on those test results. Needless to say, this entire process can be time-consuming and frustrating to undertake.

Proctur digitizes several key aspects of this process. Everything from composing question papers to conducting exams takes place online via our intuitive app. The app also helps you generate detailed performance reports automatically, thus making the entire process efficient, cost-effective, and paperless.

2. Data and Information Management

With our software by your side, school administrators no longer have to deal with mountains of files to manage the incessant influx of data pertaining to students. The software can seamlessly manage boat-loads of data regularly in a time-efficient and paperless manner. This data can be recorded quickly, stored in secure databases, and accessed whenever necessary.

As such, everything from admissions to fee collection is considerably streamlined, thus alleviating the burden that is often shouldered unfairly by very few people on a college staff. With everything automated, you can also expect there to be fewer errors in the information being recorded. If you want to boost your staff’s productivity, then Proctur’s ERP for school management is a must.

3. Accounting Automation

This is perhaps the most compelling aspect of Proctur’s online school management software. Proctur comes with a pre-equipped accounting system that can perform prominent finance-related operations that are integral to running a school efficiently. With our software, you can easily manage invoices, collect payments, and keep track of pending payments with ease.

The software once deployed, will keep track of all payments that your school is owed in real-time. Proctur will proactively send alerts to parents instantly if they haven’t cleared any pending payments. Perhaps what makes us the best school management ERP software out there is its ability to automatically generate comprehensive financial reports.

4. Automated Visitor Management System

A school’s front desk is constantly busy, especially during admission season. A front desk executive must record each visitor’s information and compile it in a manner that is easily accessible.

Our software also streamlines this task, thus making it less of a headache than it normally is. Each visitor’s information is automatically stored in a well-organized list that can be pulled whenever it is most required.

The organization is key when it comes to front desk management. With our ERP tool, this entire process is simplified to a greater extent. Errors, that are otherwise more common here traditionally, are also reduced with our system shouldering the responsibility on your behalf.

ERP Software for educational institute
ERP Software for educational institute

5. HR Management

Besides automating academic and accounting tasks, our software can considerably streamline tasks that are closely associated with HR management. This involves paperless, digitized management of staff information, salary assignment, handling complaints, etc.
Similar to the handling of the above tasks, your HR managers can rest easy with many of their duties considerably automated.

What Makes Proctur’s ERP Tool Special?

The following aspects make Proctur’s solution one of the best school ERP software in India:

· Built-in Zoom Integration for HD Live-streaming

· Generate 50 different types of comprehensive reports

· Manage attendance day-wise and subject-wise

· Manage payment collection globally.

· Stores data using the secure Amazon Web Server.

· Mobile App for iOS and Android Devices

· Facilitates seamless SMS, email, and payment gateway integrations.


The seasoned developers behind Proctur have worked closely with educational institutions and have a better understanding of the challenges they face regularly. Proctur’s ERP tool is what we ultimately conceived to address these challenges in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Our software can and will automate all administrative and academic tasks that are integral to the daily operation of any educational enterprise. If your school needs an upgrade to thrive in today’s cut-throat education industry, then we suggest you give us at Proctur a call right away.

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