The Prospect of Recording Attendance Virtually via an Attendance Management System

Tracking Attendance with Attendance Management System

This article will shed light on the importance of a student attendance management system as virtual classrooms gradually become the new normal.

‘How to take attendance virtually?’ This was the question that took education institutions across India for a tail-spin as they were forced into taking classes online due to the coronavirus pandemic. Attendance tracking has always been a challenge for teachers and school administrators. It is a tedious and time-consuming process.

That being said, attendance tracking is not something that can be ignored. It is an essential daily system that helps teachers keep track of their student’s absenteeism and punctuality. For decades now, Indian schools and colleges have managed to function with a manual attendance system in place, despite its many flaws.

Some of its most prominent flaws include:

  • Overwhelming amount of paperwork
  • Eclipses classroom teaching time
  • Prone to human error
  • Can be easily manipulated by students.

There is no way for the traditional attendance system to work for online classes where teachers aren’t physically present alongside their students. Fortunately, there is a better alternative available… one that is not only best suited for virtual classes but also overcomes the shortcomings that have long plagued the manual attendance system.

We are, of course, talking about an attendance tracker app for teachers that digitizes, streamlines, and automates the otherwise cumbersome process of recording attendance.

What is an Online Attendance Tracker?

A digital attendance tracker serves as an ideal alternative to the traditional pen and paper attendance recording process. Such solutions allow teachers to record student attendance via modern computers and mobile devices with just a few clicks. Simply put, this software help teachers take attendance online.

This software, especially ones created by reputable developers like Proctur, facilitates the quick recording of every student’s attendance. These records are then stored in a secure cloud database wherein they can be accessed by teachers and parents alike whenever required.

The Benefits of a Student Attendance Tracker App

1. Great Convenience and Accuracy

As we mentioned before, an online attendance tracking system eliminates the need for manual attendance, which is time-consuming, cumbersome, and frustrating. Teachers can save a lot of time by simply having such software automate and streamline the entire process on their behalf. Teachers can manage the entire attendance process through their mobile or computer devices anytime, anywhere.

2. Impressive Flexibility

Attendance management system work just as well for schools with larger classrooms as they do for smaller ones. You really don’t have to look for other ways to take attendance for large groups as a good solution will scale accordingly to meet the basic requirements of your school or college. You don’t pay extra or need to perform any special adjustments to handle attendance tracking of larger groups.


Tracking Attendance with Attendance Management System

3. Track Attendance in Multiple Formats

Some attendance tracking systems, like the ones developed by Proctur, afford staff and teachers the privilege of recording attendance in multiple formats. For instance, Proctur has developed a solution that features two types of attendance systems:

  • Day Wise Attendance
  • Subject Wise Attendance

We took current industry trends into consideration to develop a system that could considerably simplify the attendance management system process.

4. Detailed Report Generation

Most attendance tracking systems come with in-built analytical capabilities. As such, they instantly generate student attendance reports. These reports can be accessed by teachers, parents, and students alike whenever required. They can be used in parent-teacher meetings or to take disciplinary action against students if necessary.

5. Tracking Staff Attendance

Aside from students, such apps can be used by school administrators to record the attendance of staff members and teachers as well. Such software can keep tabs on working days or hours with utmost accuracy and even calculate leaves.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know how to take attendance of students online, allow us to draw your attention to Proctur’s classroom attendance tracker. Proctur offers an online attendance system for students for free that streamlines automates, and digitizes the otherwise arduous process of recording student attendance.

With real-time attendance tracking and insightful report-generating capabilities, Proctur’s attendance management solution is all you need to simplify the cumbersome process for the benefit of teachers, staff, students, and parents alike.

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