The Benefits Of Proctur as A School Erp And Learning Management System

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Bringing Proctur’s Advantage into the classroom

It would be an understatement to claim that School Management Software has forever changed how schools perform their day-to-day functions. By effectively automating and digitizing a major chunk of their operations, such systems have helped school staff and teachers find relief from administrative and teaching duties that can become quite overwhelming to handle.

With other industries scaling rapidly with the help of ERP platforms, why should educational institutions in India be left behind? It was this sentiment that led Proctur to spearhead an endeavor that resulted in the development of arguably the school management ERP software in the country, one that has helped many schools and similar institutions streamline their daily tasks for increased productivity.

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Running educational institutes involves juggling between several high-stake functions that need to be executed with the utmost efficiency. Proctur’s Learning Management System was designed to help schools overcome these challenges by prioritizing convenience for teachers, students, and other stakeholders involved.

Features of Proctur that Bring you the Best of School ERP and LMS

Proctur encapsulates the benefits of both a robust school ERP and an advanced LMS system. As such, you can expect Proctur’s school management software to effectively handle both trivial as well as significant functions pertaining to your institution. From maintaining student records and fee collection to exam management and assigning assignments, Proctur’s software can help facilitate the smooth management of several crucial activities.

Some of Proctur’s Most Prominent Features Include:

· Streamlining the otherwise chaotic admissions and student database management process.

· A centralized dashboard that serves all stakeholders with relevant information pertaining to student records and more.

· Get detailed reports pertaining to attendance, examination performance, etc. with comprehensive metrics.

· End-to-end fees management which involves seamless management of all fee types, even those received globally.

· Conduct live classes with built-in zoom integration, helping teachers communicate and conduct sessions online via their devices reaching hundreds of students simultaneously.

· Manage teacher salaries, records of visitors at the front desk, and other administrative tasks via a single platform.

Stepping into the Future of Education with Proctur

No one can deny that school ERP software is the future of education. Even institutions that were sleeping on the trend were compelled to admit its fruitfulness amidst the coronavirus crisis. Hence, these systems are here to stay and we at Proctur are constantly upgrading our software to help schools overcome whatever challenges the future has in store.
Proctur’s school management software is compatible with most mobile and computer devices used today. It can be used by school management and students alike to simplify almost all school-related activities. Proctur’s app, in particular, emphasizes convenience by offering one app that can be used by all stakeholders involved to perform their obligations in a considerably more effective and efficient manner.

Moreover, Proctur’s software ensures robust data security, leveraging powerful Amazon Web Servers to store important data. Suffice it to say, Proctur’s school management software is the only tool you will need to manage school-related activities efficiently for many years to come.

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