Role of Modern Classroom Technology in Improving Quality of Education.

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The below article aims to shed light on why modern classroom technologies are one of the best ways to improve teaching. Also, we share how to conveniently introduce technology to your classroom with the help of the online teaching platforms in india from Proctur.

One can’t deny that several key aspects of our lives today, be they mundane or uncommon, are governed by technology. When corporations coming from a wide range of industrial setups are leveraging modern tech to simplify their operations, how could the education industry stay behind?

In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to assume that virtual learning made possible with online school apps has taken the education industry by storm, especially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. One look at some of the stats on e-learning will tell you why this is the case.

A recent study conducted by the Research Institute of America found that students are able to retain 25%-60% more of the material they learn online when compared to traditional methods of teaching. Suffice it to say, online teaching apps or platforms might be the key to finally learning how to improve the education system.

So think of this article as a recommendation to improve the quality of education with the power of modern software technology that is being introduced to the schools, colleges, and coaching institutions of India from the likes of Proctur.

As such, without much further ado, let’s look at how you can improve the teaching-learning process by integrating online teaching apps offered by Proctur with your daily classroom sessions.

1. Conducting Live Classes

A major selling point of online teaching apps is their emphasis on convenience. They basically take the hassle-ridden operations of traditional old-school classrooms and make them more streamlined for the benefit of both teachers and students alike. Take for example the fact that online teaching apps designed by Proctur facilitate the spearheading of live classes.

With built-in Zoom integration, teachers could conduct their classroom sessions online by connecting with students virtually over the internet. Teachers and administrators could easily create, conduct and manage online live classes wherein students could learn and teachers could teach from the comfort of their homes.

2. Conducting Online Exams

Another fascinating and crucial aspect of online teaching apps is how simple it is to administer exams through them. For instance, the Proctur app comes equipped with features that make creating question papers, recording attendance, scheduling exams, and grading papers look like a walk in the park.

Such software basically simplify and expedite the otherwise frustrating and inefficient examination process that plagues many schools and colleges in our Country

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3. Streamlined Attendance Management

Online teaching apps make teacher’s life easier by arming them with tools that digitize the attendance management system for student. With such apps by their side, teachers and school administrators can find relief from having to swim through oodles of paperwork pertaining to the recording and maintenance of student attendance.

Proctur’s software, for example, automates the entire attendance system wherein the recorded data is stored in a secure online database. From here, this data can be accessed by teachers and trainers whenever needed from wherever they are.

4. Advanced and Insightful Reporting

At the end of the day, teachers need some measurable metrics to learn whether or not their teaching has been effective in improving student performance. You get that with online teaching apps offered by Proctur.

Proctur’s app is capable of creating 50 different types of reports that showcase the detailed trajectory of a student’s performance. These reports can easily be accessed by students and teachers alike to learn where they’ve fallen short and devise a strategy to improve teaching quality.

Most suggestions for teacher’s improvement from students today involve the inclusion of technology to aid with daily classroom sessions. The cost-effective and time-efficient benefits of online teaching might be the solution to fixing India’s broken education system. This is precisely why we at Proctur engage in developing and offering robust online teaching apps to educational institutions across the Country.

You can reach out to us now to learn more about how Proctur can help your institution improve the quality of education.

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