Innovative Teaching Strategies That Help Teachers Handle Today’s Classrooms

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This article aims to shed light on innovative teaching methods that one can leverage through online teaching platforms developed by the likes of Proctur.

“There are no bad students, only bad teachers”. These words from an old Hollywood classic still hold as much weight today as they did all those years ago when first spoken. Being able to teach another person new skills or bequeath them with valuable knowledge is no easy task. Teachers face this challenge on a daily basis when they step foot into their classrooms.

They have to be eloquent in their speech and patient in their resolve to make sure their students understand what is being taught.

Unfortunately, most classroom sessions ultimately prove unproductive because of old-school and inefficient teaching methods that neither benefit students nor do justice to a teacher’s inherent knowledge.

That said, there are innovative teaching tools that teachers can leverage to great effect, thanks to the tech-driven world we find ourselves inhabiting today.

So without much further ado, allow us to introduce you to a few innovative teaching strategies that are bound to result in a productive classroom session.

What Are Some Innovative Teaching Strategies?

1. Delivering Lessons via the Internet

We live in a world where everyone wanders around with smartphones in their pockets. These devices can be leveraged by teachers and school administration to hold live classes over the internet. As such, teachers can teach while students can learn from the comfort of their homes.

Teaching platforms developed by Proctur come pre-integrated with apps like Zoom, which make real-time virtual interaction quick and efficient. Teachers can use the cloud-computing technology of such applications to save their videos, assignments, lesson plans, and notes, which are accessible to students anytime they want to refer them.

By taking lessons online, students no longer need to carry heavy bags filled with textbooks. These solutions are also perfect for students who want to catch up on missed lessons due to sickness.

2. Teaching through Online Collaboration

Traditional textbook lessons make for bland classroom sessions. A perfect alternative to this is a relatively more interactive and participatory method of teaching. That is exactly what you get by introducing online teaching tech to your classroom. Thanks to online teaching solutions, teachers can assign group homework.

Students don’t need to leave their homes after school or go to their friend’s places to collaborate on the assigned project. They can engage with the project from the comfort of their homes through their devices over the internet. Teachers can also keep tabs on their students while they are collaborating with each other online to complete the assigned project.

3. Using Visual Smart Boards

There is ample evidence today that shows that students are able to consume and remember lessons presented in visual form way more than their textual counterparts. Fortunately, it is more than easy for teachers to visualize lessons in modern technology that can create dynamic multimedia content.

Online Teaching Platforms in India

Simulating a student’s senses via engaging, visual content is by far one of the most innovative learning strategies we’ve seen being deployed.

4. Teaching via 3D Tech and VR

Ok… this is more futuristic. The promise VR and 3D tech have shown makes us very optimistic for its eventual inclusion in the teaching technologies of tomorrow. Virtual Reality, in particular, holds immense promise, especially with regard to how it can change how teachers can deliver history and geography classes. Both VR and 3D can make teaching more immersive and fun, which is what makes it one of the most anticipated teaching methods and strategies of our time.

The Bottom Line

Technology can instantly turn a bland classroom session into something interactive, engaging, and fun. By introducing modern tech to their classrooms, teachers have a better chance of reaching out to their students and imparting lessons in a manner that is more comprehensive.

This is precisely what we at Proctur hope to deliver with our online teaching platform. From helping teachers launch online classes to automating several aspects of their day-to-day tasks, we deliver a robust app that aims to make the jobs of teachers and school administrators considerably more convenient.

Get in touch with us to know how we can help your educational institution.

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