How is Proctur’s student attendance management system useful for your school and coaching institute?

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Why is Student Attendance Management Useful?

Keeping track of student attendance records has always proven to be a frustrating chore for teachers and school administrators. More often than not, teachers are saddled with time-consuming formalities like taking student attendance instead of focusing on their core obligation of teaching. Now that online classes have become a new norm, recording student attendance has become even more challenging.

Schools and educational businesses need a solution that can help them overcome the challenges associated with this fundamental process. They need a solution that can make the prospect of recording student attendance more efficient by eliminating manual work and making attendance records easily accessible to students and teachers whenever needed.

This is accomplished with Proctur’s online student attendance management system. Our online attendance software automates the process considerably, thus making the prospect of marking and tracking student attendance remarkably easy. As such, it can be used to perform a slew of functions that simplifies the attendance process from start to finish.

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The Features of Automated Student Management System

Proctur’s robust student attendance software is designed to help educational businesses of all types and sizes with efficient end-to-end student attendance management. The system can help teachers mark student attendance online, track a student’s attendance and refer to absentee records over a period of time, maintain attendance history, and generate comprehensive student attendance reports.

Taking current industry standards into consideration, Proctur makes the attendance management process flexible for teachers by facilitating two different methods of attendance tracking. They are as follows:

1. Day Wise Attendance

The day-wise attendance system allows teachers to track all students who were present and absent on a particular day.

2. Subject Wise Attendance

The subject-wise attendance system allows teachers to mark attendance for their subjects.

Other key features:

· Secure Student Data Storage at Amazon Web Servers

· Capable of storing unlimited student data records

· Quick detailed attendance report generation

· Reports easily accessible to students, teachers, and parents on the go.


The pre-pandemic world has pushed educational business across India and around the world online. As such, schools and coaching institutes need a system that can help them deal with this abrupt shift. This includes handling the attendance management process that needs a few tweaks now that educational operations have been considerably digitized.

This is why student attendance management systems like the one developed by Proctur are so important today. Such solutions make the jobs of school administrators and teachers easier by automating and expediting the daily attendance process. Proctur’s software can also help seamlessly manage, record and compile student attendance data and generate detailed accurate reports out of it.

With our software, teachers, students, parents, and coaching institutes get a user-friendly tool that provides them with easy access to imperative student attendance data. Needless to say, if you seek a platform that automates student attendance, Proctur should be at the top of your list.

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