Ever Growing Importance Of Teachers In These Testing Times

Ever Growing Importance Of Teachers In These Testing Times 1

In these testing times of COVID-19, we as a team wanted to remind our beloved teachers through this article that there might be numerous platforms where your students are getting attracted. But when it comes to imparting knowledge and guiding students only you with whom the students have the real connect will be able to show the right path of success.

How Educators can fight Against COVID19 online (Proctur)


  1. You are not just a teacher (you are a guide,mentor,coach and more importantly a guru)
  2. Take calculated risks and invest in things that will help you grow
  3. Maintain a I can and I will mind-set (instil the same in your students)


  • In these times where coaching classes are not allowed to teach offline big educational companies are trying to attract students by providing free classes and sharing videos.
  • Do you think Role of teachers in student’s life is limited to just teach the subject and evaluate exams?We all know the role of teacher goes way beyond this!
  • Teachers are Gurus who have been revered as gods in Hindu tradition.They are mentors and advisors to students and not just subject matter experts.
  • Looking through this lens in today’s time when smaller institutes have to tackle the big brands like Byjus and Vedantu it becomes important for teachers to reinvent themselves reimagine what their offering is and reconnect with the students in their vicinity.


  • Forge deeper connections with your students.It’s time to reconnect with your students! If your classes are yet to commence.Organize webinars to reconnect them or online meetups with parents to understand their problems and needs.


  • Although mode of education is changing rapidly but the core necessities of students have remained the same.
  • Students need guidance,coaching,counselling and mentorship to succeed and whoever will provide this along with the regular subject knowledge will be always in demand.
  • Adding these in your offerings will forge a deep connect with you.Now as offline coaching has come to halt your expenses have come down by 25-30% don’t try and save this money.Invest it in building your tech infrastructure which will help you spread your wings.



  • Modes and Style of teaching
    • You can explore online mode of teaching and offering your courses which can bring a complete change in the way you generate revenue.
    • You may adopt or experiment new styles of teaching for. e.g. using flip charts to make it more engaging.
  • Your offerings
    • In current situation where the big brands are attracting your students what add-ons will you provide will make all the difference.
    • This can be personalised attention,helping your student chart their career graph or spending extra time to solve their doubts will make them feel that they are well looked after.
    • Motivate and inspire your students – one of the primary things that will keep your students on success path is consistent motivation and inspiration to excel in their studies.
    • Connect with Parents – These are the times where Parents are also restricted to homes and would want to understand and ensure how their ward will continue to learn. Connecting with them will increase their confidence and trust in you.

Maintain a I Can and I will Mind-set

  • Teachers have been seen as the greatest motivators to their students and now in this lockdown when the situations are a bit difficult for teachers a positive mind-set will be of prime importance.
  • With this mind-set teacher will attract more students and will be able to demonstrate this trait in-front of their students.
  • Instil this same mind-set in your students and you will see positive change in your students and in yourself as well.

Summary:In these challenging times teachers continue to be great assets to the society and will never be defied by external forces if they continue to reimagine, reconnect, reinvent and maintain a positive mind-set. Keep investing in things like technology which will help you grow. Lastly be the guru which your students would love to get inspired from.

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