Effective Ways to teach online


After speaking to different clients we identified that some clients are innovatively using our software to teach online in this testing times and are fighting against COVID 19

Here are a few ways we have put in this document for your reference to teach better online using Proctur Live. and we also provide online teaching platforms in India for exploring effective teaching.

Here are the Different ways:

1. The normal way!


One is you can teach using your laptop camera and microphone. Directly Broadcast the live video and audio feed through Laptop where you can directly upload your study material on your laptop screen and share that material. This material can be class notes, power-point, and pdf word documents. Here you can also teach using a digital whiteboard to write draw or paint anything.

Equipment -Laptop/Desktop with Webcam

2. Just Through Mobile! – use your phone as a webcam

Another way is broadcasting video feed through your mobile phone and attaching a cord – a microphone to your phone and teaching normally the way you teach using a physical whiteboard. You can use another phone to just check the doubts or queries posted by students

Equipment –Good quality mobile phone with a camera and collar mic

3. Innovative way

Another way is to record your complete lecture on camera just the way you teach in a normal class and then stream that video through Proctur live. Now ask the students to watch the video for some time (5- 7 minutes)and pause wherever the teacher would want to explain or whenever there is a doubt from the students.

Equipment –Pre-recorded lectures and Laptop

4. The hi-tech way –using an external camera /CCTV camera

One way is to broadcast through an external professional camera and microphone–

Devices required

  1. Camera and collar mic
  2. signal converter box
  3. HDMI or SDI cable
  4. Strong internet connection for your laptop (Wi-Fi, hotspot, or otherwise)
  5. Live streaming software on your laptop

5. A nicer jugaad –Directly broadcast what you write down on Notebook

The tutors can add themselves as students and use Proctur Live’stwo-way communication facility to effectively conduct the live class.

Now the tutor can broadcast through two screens one is his own and the other one is of the student he has added! Now you connect a mobile and place it on a mobile holder above the text on which you want to write or draw and broadcast whatever you write in the textbook.

This way you can broadcast two feeds one is his own image and the other is of the textbook.

Device/Equipment required – Laptop and mobile with a good quality camera.

6. Using Stylus!

Step 1: To use the stylus simply add one more teacher account and then broadcast the feed through the tab through that account.

Step 2:  After that open the whiteboard and use the stylus to draw, write and paint.

Device/Equipment: Laptop, Tab, and Stylus

Ways with which Students can join a live class:

  1. You can directly access the lecture through a laptop or mobile and broadcast your video as well.
  2. To broadcast your video, you can ask for permission from the teacher and once the teacher gives permission to broadcast your feed you can ask your doubt through the video feed as well.
  3. A recording Facility is available where the teacher can record the class if required and will share the recording at the end of the class with the students.


1. Can I use just mobile to teach online classes?

Answer: Yes, you can just use an additional phone to see the mobile screen on which you can the response of the students.

2. Where does my class recording get stored?

Answer-The recording is stored securely in the server. You can share and access this file whenever you wish.

3. Can I use other digital whiteboard software?

Answer-Yes you can. There is free software available that you can use and screen share that feed through Proctur live.

4. Can my students broadcast their videos?

Answer-Yes they can broadcast their video once you give them broadcast permission.

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