Definitive Guide to Online Exam Software & Examination Management System

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What is an Online Exam Software?

Online exam software refers to an IT solution that can be used by educational institutions to conduct tests online. Some of the best online exam software oppose the time and resource restrictions that plague traditionally conducted examinations today by eliminating the need for physical question papers while streamlining various fundamental elements associated with it such as exam scheduling and assessments.

This article will try to make a case in favor of such software by taking Proctur’s own platform as an example.

Features of Proctur Exam Management System

We at Proctur understand how integral examinations are to the overall fabric of education. Now that the education industry is going digital, it is also important for provisions to be made by taking the entire examination process online as well. That is exactly what we at Proctur do with our best online exam software.

We offer end-to-end exam management software that allows educational institutions to create a seamless examination experience for teachers and students alike. Our software comes jam-packed with features that make the prospect of conducting and managing examinations simple for administrators from start to finish.

The features that define our software are as follows:

i) Examination Scheduling

Our software can automate the planning and scheduling of examinations at the behest of your school or coaching institute.

ii) Exam Attendance Management

We offer easy-to-use software that digitizes the otherwise overwhelming process of attendance management, so you know which students attended and who was absent.

iii) Paper Grading

Our software provides you with tools to assess papers and assign grades to the submitted paper online in an effective and timely manner.

iv) Exam Administration

Proctur makes exam administration easy by allowing teachers to conduct cheat-proof tests, set up question banks, and organize practice and mock tests to help students prepare for their exams.

v) Student Performance Report Generation

Proctur’s software automatically analyses the data you feed it and creates comprehensive performance reports that can be easily accessed by teachers, students, and parents.

VI) Robust Security

Proctur makes sure there are no leaks that can compromise an exam’s integrity by developing a solution that adheres to strict security protocols and feature robust privacy control.

All of the above features are designed to make examination simple from the moment you create question papers to the eventual generation of performance reports.

The Workflow of Normal Examination Scheduling

Pre Examination

Our Software offers you tools that allow you to schedule exams and communicate the same to the students who are supposed to participate in them.

Definitive Guide to Online Exam Software & Examination Management System

During Examinations

With stringent security features, teachers can expect to conduct cheat-proof exams. They’ll also be able to mark attendance to determine who was present and absent during the exam.

Post Examination

After the examination, our software helps teachers assess student performance and even generate comprehensive reports that can be accessed by teachers, students, and parents.


As you can see, our software arms teachers and school administrators with a plethora of features that help automate and simplify tasks like grading, scheduling, generating performance reports, and a slew of other aspects associated with an examination.

You can contact Proctur today to know how our software can help you.

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