Is e-learning management software capable of reforming the traditional education system?

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What is Traditional Learning?

Anybody who’s had the privilege of an education today knows or is aware of what traditional learning is. Such types of learning take place in a physical classroom setting under the guidance of a trained teacher. The teacher is in charge of imparting lessons to his or her students. Thanks to the advent of technology in recent years, we are seeing traditional learning takes a backseat to a form of teaching that is far more flexible and convenient.

What is Online Learning?

Online learning is exactly what it sounds like. It refers to classroom or teaching sessions that are undertaken over the internet. Online learning takes physical classrooms out of the equation. The term is often interchangeably used with ‘e-learning’. Online learning today is possible because of solutions like learning management software.

Such software arms its users, particularly teachers and students, with features that enable them to partake in the exercise of teaching and learning via mobile or computer technology in real-time.

Online Learning Management System

E-Learning has Several Benefits to Traditional Learning

It goes without saying that e-learning does indeed have an edge over traditional learning. A fact that became more apparent in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The following are a few prominent areas where online learning outshines its traditional counterpart.

1. Flexibility

With traditional learning, both teachers and students are restricted to a strict schedule and place. That, however, is not the case with online learning. E-learning can be conducted anytime, from any place.

2. Cost-Effective

Online courses take away costs that would have otherwise been spent on premises, desks, benches, and equipment. To put it simply, online education is relatively more economical because it reduces the cost of education.

3. Greatly Personalized

LMS software today can be personalized according to the specific needs of schools, teachers, and students. This is especially beneficial for students who take longer to grasp knowledge.

This and many more benefits make e-learning far superior to traditional forms of teaching.

Conclusion: Can e-Learning Replace Traditional Education

Yes! It is entirely possible for e-learning to replace traditional education. In fact, there is enough evidence to suggest that teachers, students, and schools can benefit immensely if they incorporated their classrooms with technology that
enables online learning. The cost-effective and convenient nature of e-learning is simply too lucrative to ignore.

Many experts also agree that online learning is more efficient than traditional schooling. Educational institutions can save both time and money with it. Students, on the other hand, get more time to focus on extra-curricular activities. The more flexible nature of online learning allows them to study at their own pace and practice self-discipline.

As such, educational institutions should waste no time switching to an online learning management system that streamlines their daily operations. We at Proctur offer solutions that can help schools and coaching institutes accomplish that. From conducting live classroom sessions to end-to-end online exam management, Proctur offers a robust solution that covers all fundamental aspects of e-learning.

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