Benefits of Online Assessments in Education

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This article will acquaint you with a few key benefits of online assessment in education and also explain how Proctur’s best online exam software is revolutionizing examination forever in educational institutions across India.

Assessments or exams are integral aspects of quality education. They are undertaken to enhance both the learning and teaching experience. It is through timely assessment that teachers determine what the strengths of their students are and where they need to improve. Aside from measuring a student’s performance, periodic exams also help teachers establish a goal and eventually determine whether this goal is being accomplished via current teaching practices.

Assessments have only become more effective in recent years, thanks to advancements in technology and the introduction of online assessment tools. Schools and colleges throughout the world have now realized that both teaching and assessing students don’t have to be restricted to the confines of a typical 4-walled classroom.

Thanks to modern tech like computers, mobile devices, and the all-mighty internet, teachers can administer examinations from anywhere… regardless of where teachers or students are located.

This article aims to emphasize the benefits of online assessment and explain why it is perhaps a good idea to introduce online examination software to your classroom if you haven’t already.

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Benefits of Online Assessment

1. Location and Time Flexibility

This is by far the advantage that has tempted ERP software for educational institutions to look towards online examination solutions more favorably. With such software integrated with your daily classroom schedules, you can create any type of exams or tests and administer them so students can participate from the comfort of their homes. Suffice it to say, both teachers and students can save plenty of time and money on travel by using such solutions.

2. Prepare, Mark, and Moderate Question Papers

Online exam solutions like the ones developed by Proctur arm teachers with all the tools they need to create and schedule different types of question papers. From multi-choice questions to open-book assessments, teachers can administer a variety of exams easily without a hassle.

With in-built grading functionality, this software also makes it considerably simple to mark and moderate exam papers in a more time-efficient manner.

3. Agile Evaluation and Result Creation

Another enticing aspect of such solutions is their ability to evaluate exam papers in an easy, fast, and error-free manner. An online assessment tool will automate the entire grading process so students can receive reports on performance much sooner than usual. You basically brush off any anxiety and stress that is caused to students and parents due to waiting for results. This immediate arrival of results also gives teachers enough time to evaluate their teaching methods.

4. Secure and Safe

Paper leaks aren’t a novice concept in India. There have been several occasions when Indian schools and education boards have come under intense scrutiny because of such transgressions. This is an issue you can expect to solve with assessments online. Software developed by Proctur adheres to stringent privacy control and security protocols. The digital data pertaining to question papers and exam results are stored in a secure cloud database. This ensures there are no paper leaks and schools can host fair exams.

5. Comprehensive Report Generation

Absolutely no manual effort is required if you are using online exam software to create reports. Such tools come pre-equipped with the ability to generate comprehensive performance reports automatically, which can be later accessed by students, teachers, and parents alike whenever required.

6. Eco-friendly

This is perhaps the most valuable benefit of assessment in education online. By digitizing and automating the entire assessment process, online exam software provides schools with the opportunity to say no to paper. Moreover, you are inadvertently reducing your carbon footprint as well when you choose to not travel and instead choose to partake in assessments from your home.

The Bottom Line

Online assessment solutions have quickly established themselves as powerful tools that can forever change India’s academic atmosphere for the better. This is a major reason why so many educational businesses today are gradually, but surely, gravitating toward such automated solutions.

If you too wish to take your school’s assessment process online, we suggest you give us at Proctur a call.

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