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Go Digital with Proctur’s School Management Portal

In a recent study, it was estimated that nearly 168 million children across the globe were forced to stay at home for more than a year during the Covid-19 crisis. Fortunately, this didn’t stop school administrators and teachers from carrying out their duties as everything from lesson plans to marking attendance went online. Needless to say, the advancements in technology and the Internet saved the education industry, let teachers hold onto their jobs, and allowed students to not miss out on their education.

Now that the pandemic is almost behind us, the question still remains: should schools adopt tech and software that makes management infinite times more convenient? Educational institutions with robust School Management ERP Software in place are able to streamline, automate and simplify all integral operations associated with running educational institutes. We at Proctur understand this and thus have developed software that comes equipped with features that help teachers, administrators, and students accomplish these goals.

Grow Your School with Proctur’s ERP Software

With profound insight into our education industry, Proctur knows the challenges that staff members and teachers have to face every single day. Running an education institute, regardless of its size, is no child’s play. We aim to alleviate these challenges in the most efficient way possible by offering one of the best School ERP Software to educational bodies in the country.

Imperative operations essential to the day-to-day functioning of a school or coaching institute are considerably simplified with Proctur’s school management ERP software. For instance, teachers can review and record attendance in a hassle-free manner. Furthermore, such software also facilitates better exam management, fee collection, and effortless student database management.
Moreover, teachers can assign assignments to students and track their progress while students can conveniently complete and upload them via their computers or mobile devices. With almost everything handled online, such software helps save time and cut down operational costs by almost half.

School Management Erp Software

Why Invest in School Management Software

School Management Systems offer a ton of benefits, which make them a wise investment. Some of its most prominent benefits include:

· Increasing productivity by simplifying crucial administrative and non-administrative tasks like attendance recording and managing student databases.

· More streamlined communication between teachers, students, and parents alike. Such systems get rid of inconvenient back-and-forth emails and calls by facilitating real-time communication.

· Help teaches craft a more personalized experience for individual students by easily accessing their performance records.

· Saves money by helping store hundreds and thousands of documents in secure online databases from where they can be easily accessed by authorized users.

The above merits, and many more, prove that school management systems can help schools and coaching institutes become more productive without overspending their funds. Proctur’s School Management System embodies these merits by offering a plethora of features that automate tedious tasks, digitize paperwork, etc. all in a bid to make the lives of school staff, teachers, and students easier.

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