How Live and Interactive Online Classes are changing the way we teach and learn!

Live and Interactive Classes

Live and Interactive Online classes is an effective way for teachers to teach live online to students from any location where students also have the freedom to attend these classes from any location.

Live classes give classroom coaching a new dimension where teachers can teach, interact live, solve doubts of students and chat online.

Today in India hundreds of teachers teach thousands of students live through live interactive classes

How does Online Live classes work?

The process of conducting/attending live classes is simple all you need is a laptop,good quality webcam, internet and a software on which one can conduct live classes.Once all of this is in place the teacher can schedule a class and invite students to be part of it at mutually convenient timings.

Once the faculty starts a class the teacher can teach in similar fashion as he teaches offline. With tools like screen sharing,whiteboard and live chats the experience of teaching and learning via live class is as immersive and sometimes even better than an offline classroom experience.

Industry Overview

Private tuition Segment

A survey conducted by National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) states that one student out of every four takes private tuition. The Indian private tuition market is divided among four vertices classroom coaching, small study groups, one-on-one home tuition and online live/content. Out of these, 97 percent is physical or offline mode of tutoring. Online content and live tutoring business is pegged at just US $4 billion in this US $140 billion industry.

Indian Private Tuition market has seen growth at staggering 30-35 percent in last few years and is estimated to grow to $25 billion by year 2020.

E-learning segment

The current global market for e-learning, including both self-paced eLearning and the live online learning, has reached US $107 bn and is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~18% over the next 5 years.

India’s digital learning market is currently estimated at US$ 2bn in 2016, growing at a CAGR of 30% and is expected to reach US$ 5.7bn by 2020. The Online Tutoring is currently a US $3.5 mn market growing with a CAGR of 30% over the period 2016-20.

The size of private tutoring in India in k-12 segment is around $15 billion, and it is estimated that 15 percent of the this should get converted into online by 2020.

 Why Live classes and e-learning has the potential to disrupt traditional coaching classes?

  • Demand and Supply Gap of good quality teachers

India has around 30 crore students involved in one or the other learning activity and there is a shortage of around 2 million teachers.This indicates a clear demand and supply gap which online live classes can mitigate effectively.

Therefore,teachers who have recognised this gap are trying to leverage this largely untapped market by conducting Live classes to reach maximum students.On the other hand,many students realise that are very less number of good quality teachers available and therefore they look for other learning avenues like live online classes /online tutoring where they can find good quality teachers and study material.

  • Interactive Online learning

Live classes are the best bet for E-learning because Live classes are interactive. Learning is more effective when the involvement of the students is maximum so although recorded video lectures are good way to revise concepts and topics, the learning actually happens when there is an interaction between the teacher and the student.Also with Live classes there is an opportunity for online group discussions which further promotes involvement of the students in the learning process

  • Plug and Play

Technology wise Live classes are very easy to conduct.A teacher can use specific software and with the help of laptop and active internet connection at a click of a button a teacher can start teaching Live and online. This will be a big enabler to boost the growth of Live interactive online classes.Few teachers also try you-tube for streaming live classes but it lacks an organised, dedicated and immersive learning experience.

  • Rising Internet and Smartphone Penetration and Usage

In India is increasing at a fast pace India’s internet user base increased by 49% in 2015.65% of the internet traffic comes from mobile phones. Smart phone users in India are estimated to grow at a CAGR of 38% in the next 4 years.

As the penetration of internet improves and the advent of 5g will provide a big boost in improving the experience of online tutoring which has the potential to disrupt the home tutoring business as these tutors will shift to technology and provide tuitions live and online to students from their own locations.

Also there is huge growth in increase of time spent on smartphones by the students.They spend at least 30 minutes of their day on smartphone.

  •  Safe and Comfortable way of Learning

Online learning and Live classes in particular gives them option to choose their tutors and class schedules which work for them and more importantly they can learn from the comfort of their home. 

Business opportunity

Largely Untapped Market

In India only 7 cr students out of the 30 cr students go to coaching institutes. This indicates that a big educational market is untapped which can be tapped only with the help of technology specifically through e-learning and live classes.

Looking at the Rising Internet and Smartphone Penetration and Usage teachers and tutors would want to cash on the huge demand supply gap of good quality teachers by providing their services online. With the advent of 5g and better eLearning platforms it will be easier than ever to go teach and learn live online.

Low Entry Barrier

As the cost to start a live class or online tutoring business is low. With Right technological support a confident tutor will be easily able to enter and cater to this market.

Live class Business is still in Nascent Stage

Live classes and e-learning businesses are still in nascent stage and have huge markets to tap.Technology wise there is a lot of development which is taking place and things like Augmented reality and artificial Intelligence will change the way this business will shape up.

Advantage to Early Adopters

As this technology is still in nascent stage of development and is not marketed to the grass root level. The early adopters of live classes and e-learning would benefit a lot. There are companies who have raised millions of dollars in funding by promoting their own live classes.

Proctur’s Live Interactive Classes

Proctur’s Live Interactive Classes is a new age technology solution for anyone who wants to teach and learn live online. Proctur live provides options to teach hundreds of students online with just a click of a button.

Features of Proctur Live

Online Video and Audio:

Proctur’s live video sessions feature provides everything needed andmakes it easy to broadcast online audio/video from teacher to connect with all students. Studentscan be authorized to be participants from any location with nothing more than a Laptop or just asmart phone.

Conversation/ Chat:

Easy-to-use for virtual classrooms, enabling teacher and students to interact inreal-time, this will help Participants to communicate with one another, view presentations orvideos, interact with other participants, and engage with resources.


Students can ask their doubts digitally by raise hand option available on Proctur Live. 

Questions & Answers:

This is again interactive features of this class will allow teachers to interactwith students. This is a Real-time chat in a virtual classroom helps students raise questions andqueries during the class and it can be polling, multi choice questions, or a set of questionnaires to beasked during session.


White board designed specifically for the best online experience. Whiteboard is the

simplest way to instantly draw and write together online. This Online Classroom designed to give

you the power to write or draw effortlessly. It has a feature of draw, paint erase, write text which

can be used by teachers to make students understand better.

Screen Sharing:

This feature gives screen sharing on Live class, sharing your screen makes it way

easier to review any types of educational materials with students. If you want to preview some of

the slides/presentation or study materials.

Recording of the class:

The recording of the class will be provided to students after the class. Thestudents can watch the recordings any number of times they want. If you miss a class due to somereason, you will still have the recording of the exact class that was conducted.

 Invite people to class:

This feature is for adding more participants in Live class, it is like conferenceyou can invite people by entering their email and sharing link to join class, and participant willinstantly get email invitation with the link join meeting to join the class.

Case study :EmblogictTM

EmbLogicTM is a technology design house and professional training company. They train students in advanced skills like hardware and software design, development, customizable product designs, embedded systems engineering.

Problem Faced

Embolic was already providing training at their institute at Noida but there were requests from students outside of Delhiwho wanted to learn from the faculties at Emblogic.To cater these requests Emblogic was looking for a solution that can enable them to train their students online live who were based in different locations where the faculty could not visit physically.

Solution Offered

Emblogic searched for solutions available online for teaching live and found out about proctur. Team at proctur consulted Emblogic and suggested live class solution to Emblogic. They tested the software and found it useful to teach live. When they announced in their student community that they would be starting live classes they received great response from their students to learn live online.


Today Emblogic trains students based in US and other cities in India smoothly with the help of live classes. They are able to deliver advanced skill training through Live classes which shows the potential it has in K-12 segment

Case Study : Hemant Bora Academy

 Hemant Bora Academy provides coaching class services in the k-12 segment.The institute is one of the renowned institutes in Pune and has 2 branches. They have made their coaching institute technologically savvy institute where they have digital coaching institute management systems,bio metric enabled attendance, HD CCTV with Microphone surveillance systems.

Problem Faced

Hemant Bora founder of the academy wanted to teach simultaneously at both of his branches to save his time and energy,so he was on a look out for technology solutions which would help him stream his class live at the other branch.

Solution Offered

After trying few other solutions, he consulted with proctur and team at proctur suggested to go ahead with Proctur Live solution which can do multi-branch live stream.The way it was implemented was brilliant Hemant Bora Academy bought a normal camera and audio equipment and with Proctur live directly started streaming their live class at the other branch.


With Proctur Live Hemant Bora Academy is now enabled to live stream lectures simultaneously at both his coaching institutes which saves his time and energy and helps him to focus more on the academic aspects of teaching.


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