Choose Right Learning Management Software for your Educational Institute


What Learning Management System Software will be ideal for you?

Running an educational institution is not easy. Aside from catering to their students, staff and teachers involved also have to shoulder some administrative responsibilities. This can prove burdensome, especially for teachers who need to conduct classes and attend to their students as well.

This is where LMS software platforms come into play. They play a quintessential role in designing and deploying eLearning processes, the demand for which is at an all-time high after last year’s global crisis shutting educational institutions down. You basically need a learning management system software that digitizes several tasks integral to the smooth functioning of a school or coaching business.

This is precisely what we at Proctur deliver with unquestionably the best open-source LMS software in the country. Our software comes armed with a plethora of features that benefit teachers, students, school administrators, and parents alike.

Key Features to Consider when Choosing LMS Software

To understand whether LMS software will be ideal for you, one first needs to consider the features it harbors. The features listed below are staples of some of the most renowned leading LMS platforms in the industry today.

1 – Conducting Live Classes

This is a major USP that all good to decent LMS systems must possess. They come integrated with video conferencing apps that allow teachers and students to conduct and take online classes respectively.

2 – End-To-End Examination Management

The system should also arm its users with exam attendance, scheduling, and grading features to help conduct exams online.

3 – Information Database Management

Educational institutions have to deal with an overwhelming amount of data, especially pertaining to their students. As such, good LMS software should be capable of digitizing the entire operation to make the process of managing admissions and other data related to students simple.

Other features such as management of fees, HR, etc. alongside seamless payment gateway integration and data security also make for great LMS software.

Choose Right Learning Management Software for your Educational Institute

Why Do You Need an Online LMS Platform?

There are several advantages to using an Online Learning Management System.

1 – Creating Compelling Courses

LMS platforms can be used to create and sell courses in a simple and efficient manner that proves to be more engaging to students. This is simply not possible with traditional methods of coaching.

2 – Heightened Convenience

The convenience such software offers is a major reason why so many teachers and students gravitate towards it. It allows them to conduct and take lessons from the comfort of their homes via their mobile or computer devices.

3 – Cost Effectiveness

By digitizing almost all administrative and operational tasks of an educational institution, eLearning is far more cost-effective than its traditional counterpart. Plus, you don’t pay a dime if you download and use Proctur’s free LMS system.

Aside from this, good learning management software will allow you to track the progress of a student in real time, distribute courses more efficiently via email and keep your subject material up-to-date at all times.

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