Admission Management

Digital admission process, Easy form submission, Seamless admission tracking

Admission management system by Proctur to simplify and streamline the chaotic and time-consuming admission process. Manually managing the admission procedure is an overwhelming task for the school's administrator, and sometimes this cumbersome process leads to human error.
Using Proctur, schools can digitize the whole operation and improve the efficiency of the administrators.

Admission & Enrolment


Online Admission & Enrolment System

Manage offline and online admissions through Proctur


Capture Admissions Details

Capture admission details online or offline.


Approve Admission

Approve admissions right from the app


Admission Fees Collection

Collect admission fees from the app and provide admission online


Student Information System

Fully integrated with other modules to provide seamless student managment experience


Streamlined Admission Process

Verify original documents digitally and collect admission fee in a click. Automatic allotment of batches & subjects to students for every academic year.

Benifits in Admission Modules

  • Centralized Admission

  • Student Data Collection

  • Apply Fees

  • Role-based access

  • Admission Fees Collection

  • Reduce Delays

  • Secure & Safe

Other Features