Proctur for School Management


Admission & Enrolment

Online admission and enrolment system, with admission fees collection system and integration with Student Information System.


Accounts & Fees Management

Complete accounting system to manage fee types, invoicing and check payment history, expenses, income, also recieve payments globally.


Payroll Management

Save time by managing salaries, payments directly from Proctur (payment integration with top service providers like paypal)


Exams and Marks Management

Exam management system to run and manage exams smoothly with exam attendance, grading and scheduling feature


Student Information Management

Manage & track all student information. Student Information is unified with all other modules making it very easy to do all student related management


Communication Control

Configurable communication policies allow school management to facilitate and moderate communication flow between school staff and parent.

Proctur for School Staff


Attendance Management

Mark Attendance using proctur mobile app or web portal is fast and error free, saving precious time for teachers on daily basis.


Exams & Marks Management

Entire grading and marks management is made easy. Provide marks, manage marks distribution and promote students.


Academic Management

Manage all Academic information like courses, syllabus, assignment and time table for each and every class and section


Timetable Management

Add timetable class wise, section wise and share with student and parent. One can have different timings on different days of the week.


Transport Management

Transport management helps school staff to configure routes and manage student, who avail this service along with transport fees.


Library Management

With Proctur Library management system issue books or ebooks and manage user.


Fees Management

Scheduling School fees and collection with automatic due fees reminders and online payment gateway integration.



Swiftly make important announcement like event, holidays and circulate notices.

Proctur for Parent & Student


School Communication

Having real time app notifications about school messages, notices and event reminders on mobile app ensure no information is missed by parent.


Academic information

Anytime availability of complete information about timetable and course work helps parent to keep better track of student's academic progress.


Fees and Payment Reminders

Instant due fees reminders and option of making online payment on app, ensures parent do not miss any payment due date and save penalties.


Attendance & Leave Management

Instant school attendance updates ensure parent a peace of mind. Leave application from parent's app, helps parent inform school about their child’s absence.


Exam Schedules

Get schedule of exam and view report card on mobile app and web, ensures there is no communication gap between school and parent.


Student report

Parent and students can view all types of student related reports on their mobile app and web.

Why Proctur

Complete All-In-One Solution School Management Software
  • Complete solution comprising 250+ features and 30+ Modules covering all aspect of school management
  • User friendly
  • Multiple payment gateway , sms and email integration
  • 50+ advanced reports
  • 24x7 support
  • Advanced dashboard with multiple stats and widgets
  • SCHOOL MOBILE APP - One School - One App for all users
Manage your school Proctur Modules
  • User Management
  • Academic Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Exams & Marks Management
  • Communication Management
  • Online Exam Management
  • Transport Management
  • Fees & Account Managment
  • Report Management

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