Why its better to use dedicated online learning platforms in place of normal video conferencing portals

Dedicated online Learning Platform

As COVID has already taken the world by storm and educators are thinking of how they can continue to impart education during this pandemic. One way is using already existing video conferencing platforms but the question is being they suitable to deliver educational content or to teach students in general is the question.

Also the privacy and security of some of these video conferencing platforms is under serious scrutiny

Although you can start using these video conferencing portals for free there are certain Cons to it.



Online learning platforms ERP EXAMDESK LMS (Proctur)


Not secure – No guarantee that the data is secure whole of your content is at risk of theft The company can sell your data to third parties.

Not a dedicated platform for teaching or learning – These platforms are nor dedicated learning environment for students Neither a dedicated teaching environment for teachers. They don’t have  facilities like whiteboard, ask a doubt, study material sharing facility.

No integration with the learning management system of the tutor/coaching institute.

The video conferencing platforms cannot substitute dedicated online teaching / learning platforms like Proctur live which has lot more benefits and comes with unique features like

  • Recording of online live classes
  • Record live classes and share with students
  • Question and Answer
  • Ask queries/doubts in real time
  • Create polls or multi choice questions

Teaching online requires patience and preparation here are few tips to teach online smoothly

  1. Thoroughly know your live class and online Learning Management System (LMS) before students arrive Being comfortable with the software’s is of a great advantage which will save your and your students time through navigating the tech while teaching and delivering lectures.
  2.  Make your virtual class look professional and inviting Professional look and feel of the place from where you deliver lecture will change the perspective of the students along with which this will also boost interest level of the students.Along with that having Professional fonts and designs of the study material the students use can make a big impact of students.
  3. Keep a balance of live classes and video lectures. Having a good mix of live classes and video lectures will not only save your time but also provide students with variety in learning experience.
  4. Keep student engagement high -Set up courses in a way that enable self-enquiry. You can keep the engagement high by interacting with them prior and post lecture. Give them reading assignments check whether they were able to read. Ask good questions and answer doubts diligently along with which student feedback is very important to have in place.
  5. Have logs of all the activities that you conduct – this helps you to fine tune your offering and enhances students learning experience by tracking what are the students liking and prepare your next course while teaching this one.
  6. Have student check ins place -Have learning journey planned for your students and check in frequently if their learning journey is as intended.
  7. Identify and support struggling –it’s important to identify if the students are comfortable with the new way of learning and if someone is not comfortable you can guide that student and boost his morale to make his learning more fruitful.To start teaching and selling your video lectures online get in touch with our team.

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