How online examinations are disrupting traditional examination systems

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This article focuses on how the mode of preparation for exams has shifted to online test preparation and how online exams have made it easy for tutors/teachers to evaluate knowledge of the students.

The Scale of Exams in India

  • India has around 300 million students who participate in the learning process of which exams are the critical part.
  • This year more than 50 million students will appear for more than 400 entrance exams,50 board exams and hundreds of university exams in India.
  • More than half a year of an average student is spent in examination and test preparation and the parents and students believe that good performance in these exams have become the deciding factor of fate of many students!
  • Indian Railways conducts one of world’s largest recruitment drives for which 24 million applicants will appear in 2019

Exams are critical part of any student’s life and the way today they are being shaped are going to change the future of knowledge evaluation.

Why did the Exam preparation ecosystem change?

Rising Internet and Smartphone Penetration and Usage
Internet and smartphone penetration in India is increasing at a fast pace.

  • India’s internet user base increased by 18% in 2018.
  • 65% of the internet traffic comes from mobile phones.
  • Smart phone users in India are estimated to grow at a CAGR of 38% in the next 4 years.

Also there is huge growth in increase of time spent on smartphones by the students. They spend at least 30 minutes of their day on smartphone.

Evolved Education technology

  • Advancement in technology :
    Advancement in education technology has one of the major reasons to drive change in educational ecosystem. With the revolution in internet and communication technology the technology leaders identified need gaps in the education sector and started developing products which would cater the needs of the students and teachers.
  • Cost of tech has reduced :
    Cost of developing education technology has also reduced which has helped in widespread use of it.
  • Ease of Use :
    Easy of using technology has also resulted in increased utility of education technology products which in turn has resulted in driving change in the examination ecosystem.

Government Initiatives

NTA (National Testing Agency)

  • National Testing Agency (NTA) which has been established as a premier, specialist, autonomous and self-sustained testing organization is on the forefront in employing best of the methods and technology to conduct entrance examinations for admission/fellowship in higher educational institutions.
  • NTA can be attributed as the driving force for motivating other educational institutes to bring in change in the knowledge evaluation systems.
  • Major examinations in the country for which crores of students appear are smoothly conducted by the NTA and they deserve an applaud for ushering in changes in the way exams are conducted.


  • Government run Training centers are the initiatives of the government which act as fulfillment centers for various educational initiatives of which conducting online exams and admissions are major initiatives.
  • Many entrance exams are conducted online by and at these centers smoothly and the major problem like paper leaks are avoided due to the online nature.
  • Government run training centers can be seen as major enablers of digitizing education and aspects of it.

Market Potential

  • Indian education market is estimated to be worth 120 bn dollars and online test preparation market is expected to have around 19-26% share in the total market by FY’ 2020-21. Students are already exploring online mode of preparation of their exams and let them.

Online exams: In brief

What is an online examination?
Online exams are simply examinations which are conducted over the internet with the help of a computer/laptop with active internet connections.

What is Online test preparation?
Online Test preparation is now the preferred mode to prepare for competitive and other types of exams. It is an online mode where students can prepare for exams on mobile, desktop or laptop online.

What is mock test?
A mock test is a model test of actual exam which follow the exam pattern of the actual examination and are time bound.

What is practice test?
Practice tests are topic based tests for students to test their knowledge on the particular subject. These tests may or may not time bound.

How Online mode of Exams is being used in India

Entrance Exams
There are around 400 entrance tests which are conducted in India in different faculties. Most of the entrance tests in India were conducted offline in India. There are around more than crore students who appear for entrance exams in India. In the last decade most of the major entrance exams have gone fully online in India. Common Admission Test (CAT) JEE Main, BITSAT and even exams like government civil services, banking and other competitive exams have started using online mode of conducting examinations.

University exams and Board Exams
Many Universities in India use online exams for evaluating the learning potential of students.
There are universities like Pune university who have set a fix percentage for online evaluation of students in semester exams.

Test Preparation at Coaching Institutes
Various advantages of online test preparation have made the coaching institutes and the students to adopt to this Online mode of test preparations.
Coaching Institutes prepare and develop practice tests, mock tests for students and students use these tests as main tools to test and evaluate their preparation.

Benefits of Online Examination:

There are plenty of advantages of implementing an online examination system at your educational institution. Let’s go through each of them:

Solves the problem of Paper leak

News of paper leaks in India are not un common. Few areas in India have even become infamous for the paper leaks that happen over there. In such situations online exams is the only way out to provide a safe and secure environment for the exams to be conducted.

Cost saving and compatible

  • Online exam reduces a lot manual work
  • There is a significant reduction in Cost of paper and labour cost
  • For conducting the online examination, the cost of the exam per candidate is around Rs. 10 to Rs. 50. Meanwhile, for paper-based exams, the cost per candidate is Rs. 300 to Rs. 400.

Supervision and Quick designing of question paper

The other facilities that can be integrated in the online examination are Remote Supervision and Designing a question paper. Designing a question paper for a paper-based exam is a daunting task. There are an endless number of logistical activities right from manual question selection, design of the paper, the printing of the paper, distributing the question paper to various exam centres in a secure manner.

Detailed Performance Analysis:

  • Subject Wise Analysis
  • Time Management Analysis (Subject wise)
  • Question wise analysis
  • Analysis of Previous and Present tests
  • Subject Wise (Questions Attempted) Analysis of Previous and Present tests
  • Subject wise (Marks Obtained) Analysis of Previous and Present tests
  • Section wise (within the subject) Analysis of Previous and Present test

Adaptive Testing environment

The exams which have ability to adapt to the way examinees answer gives a unique help for someone conducting the likes of psychometric exams.

Challenges of Online Examinations
Requirement of Internet, Smartphone and Laptops

Internet users in India are estimated to reach 627 million in 2019 but there is still good amount
of population who has not used internet and so this population is bound to not get the
advantage of online learning and test preparation.

There are many online exam solutions available in the market. Proctur offers a comprehensive
and innovative tool to conduct online tests, mock exams and practice tests. Examdesk
provides in depth analysis of student’s performance to help tutors give appropriate feedback
to students and parents.

Examdesk: Innovative Online Exam Solution

With ExamDesk you can build and create your online exams & tests with great ease and provide your students better feedback with basis detailed performance report of each student.

Features of Examdesk :
Conduct Practice Test

  • Give Practice Test Multiple times on Proctor’s Student Mobile App Sell test Packages
  • Create packages consisting of mock tests, practice exams and quiz of Students Conduct Mock Tests
  • Create Mock Tests of Students on Proctur Student Application

Conduct Test Series

  • Create Customized Test Series
  • Access Online Test Series anytime anywhere
  • Audio/video support in questions and with passage
  • Set Difficulty Level
  • Create different types of Tests
  • Create Online Examination
  • Create Classroom Examination


  • The system randomly pulls the questions from the question pool which is based on
    the defined test criteria.

Question paper input options

  • Voice to text: You can input question paper content directly in the form of voice
    which will be automatically converted to text
  • Manual Input: You can type and input your question paper content in the Examdesk
  • Upload excel: One can also input question paper content in a predefined excel sheet and upload that to input your question paper content
  • Upload word doc: One can also input question paper content in a predefined excel sheet and upload that to input your question paper content

Multi language Support

  • With this feature one can have same exam in multiple languages as well.

Detailed performance analysis

  • Subject Wise Analysis
  • Time Management Analysis (Subject wise)
  • Question wise analysis
  • Analysis of Previous and Present tests
  • Subject Wise (Questions Attempted) Analysis of Previous and Present tests
  • Subject wise (Marks Obtained) Analysis of Previous and Present tests
  • Section wise (within the subject) Analysis of Previous and Present test

Case Study

Case Study 1 : Ashish Agarwal Classes, Kolkata,(Using Examdesk since May-2019)

Ashish Agarwal Classes is coaching institute that conducts coaching for XIIth and BSc science which has around 100 students studying at his coaching institute.

Problem faced: In May 2019 Ashish decided to expand his coaching institute. He wanted to automate critical areas of his coaching institute one of them was exams! Offline exams were consuming lot of his time, energy and cost.

Solution Offered: Ashish Agarwal was sure that if we want to expand his coaching institute he would need to automate part of his coaching institute. Ashish decided to automate and conduct exams online. Using Proctur’s online exam solution which is Examdesk has reduced a lot of his manual effort and helped him save time cost and effort.


  • Able to Offload of manual effort
  • Automation of communication with Parents related to performance in exam of their wards
  • Able to sell test series online
  • Able to Provide detailed performance analysis for each student


Case Study 2: Silver Peak Global, Bengaluru,(Using Examdesk since Jan-2019)

Silver Peak Global (SPG) has been at the forefront of the global education sector and business solutions for the past one decade. Silver Peak Global has its presence in 6 countries including India, Japan, Nepal, Philippines, South Korea, and Sri Lanka.

Problem faced: To offload manual work of conducting entrance tests across different centres in India at Silver Peak Global

Solution Offered: Silver peak conducts entrance tests to shortlist candidates for offering them a training in certain areas. Initially Silver peak used to conduct pen and paper exams to shortlist candidates in different centres. After discussing with Proctur’s examdesk team they adopted Exam desk solution and are conducting online entrance tests across 3 centres in India.


  • Silver Peak is enabled to conduct entrance tests simultaneously at various centres.
  • They no longer use pen and paper exams for shortlisting candidates
  • Able to reduce lot of paper work, manual data entry and manual communication to students and parents

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