Easy Steps To Enable Online Exams In School ERP

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How Can Schools Conduct Online Exams through School ERP Software?

Online examination software has proven to be a game-changer for educational institutions all over the world. It is commendable how such solutions have made the otherwise overwhelming process of exams more efficient, secure, and convenient for both teachers and students. Although it was once optional, online exams have now turned into a necessity.

Some of the best online exam software today comes equipped with features that automate and streamline all tasks associated with conducting exams.

A robust school ERP software will adhere to the following steps to help schools conduct online exams.

1. Registering students participating in exams

2. Storing student details in secure databases

3. Scheduling test time

4. Administering online exams

5. Opening communication channel to receive feedback from students and parents

6. Assessing test papers and assigning scores

7. Generating performance assessment reports.

Suffice to say, the automation of all the above crucial exam-related processes helps schools and coaching institutions conduct online exams in an effective and efficient manner.

How Can Proctur Help With This?

At Proctur, we know exactly what schools across India need to help them launch and conduct online exams without hassle. As such, we provide institutions with an intuitively designed, and undoubtedly, the best online exam software for free. The software we deliver comes loaded with features that effectively automate and streamline all crucial tasks pertaining to the undertaking of online exams for the benefit of both students and teachers alike.

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The following tasks are simplified with the help of Proctur’s Software

· Exam Attendance Management

· Question Paper generation

· Paper grading

· Scheduling and administration of exams

· Student test performance assessment

· Student performance report generation.

Despite the presence of advanced features, Proctur develops software that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. As such, you don’t need to be a technical wizard. Everyone from teachers to students and parents can use our software to conduct exams via the internet from any mobile or computer device without a hassle.


Online exams are a cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional forms of exams and software like the ones developed by Proctur ensures they are conducted as smoothly as possible. Regardless of what kind of exams one wishes to conduct, you can count on a reliable school ERP software for a hassle-free online examination process.

If your school, college, or coaching institution needs a solution for conducting online exams, then we recommend you look no further than Proctur. We will work closely with your institution to deliver the best online exam platform that comes fully equipped with robust exam attendance, grading, and scheduling features.

Teachers also don’t have to worry about paper leaks as Proctur delivers software that adheres to stringent privacy control and data security protocols. From creating question papers to generating comprehensive performance assessment reports, you can trust Proctur to deliver an end-to-end exam management experience that best caters to the needs and requirements of your educational enterprise.

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