Are you falling prey to cheap tech services for your coaching institutes

tech services for your coaching institutes

Each passing day coaching institutes are becoming more tech savvy and reliant and are now enabling themselves with the help of technology for providing better learning experiences to students.

Coaching institutes are and would be relying more and more on tech during this COVID19 outbreak. Right from using web portals to teach online to mobile apps for management.

As more are more tech services are in demand some companies are trying to grab this opportunity to sell their not so reliable tech services to coaching institutes.

Did you purchase any tech service recently for your coaching institute?

If yes did you buy because of the low price or heavy discount offered? Its human tendency to fall for offers, discounts and better bargains and many service providers take advantage of these situations. These service providers will provide services to you at unbelievable cost like almost for free!

Have you ever thought why these service providers are able to offer you services for such cheaper costs?

There are many reasons why some important tech services are offered at immensely low costs as compared to other companies.

They may sell your data!

-firstly there are some companies who offer tech services for e.g. sms sending services can directly sell your student databases with other companies and make money out of it. In this case the institute who is availing their services faces a huge risk of data theft.

Weak tech infra

-Secondly the companies who offer services at a cheaper cost most of the times use cheaper tech infrastructure which adds a huge risk in using theirproducts. Fore.g. if servers where these companies host data are not secured then the all the data on the server is at risk. Better companies will use for e.g. amazon web servers to host their data and applications which will make it secure.

No after sales support

-Thirdly some of these tech companies are just sales oriented with minimal focus on after sales services and so the clients suffer a lot due to the poor after sales support provided by the company.

Can be a Heavily funded company

There is another breed of companies who are heavily funded and their focus is client acquisition at any cost and then as the focus is just client acquisition the clients have to run after these companies for support.

So how do coaching institutes can do better in terms of choosing tech service provider?

  • Do Research about your tech service provider and their services?
  • Check your tech service provider’scredentials
  • Look at their Testimonials
  • Attend Product demos -don’t miss them
  • Ask questions to the Sales team during the demo
  • Check their ability to provide after sales support
  • Check if your data is private and safe
  • Which is server the company is using to host their applications
  • Check if they can properly migrate your data -Lot of times there are data migrations issues which such companies cannot tackle and the customer is the one who has to suffers.

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