Smart changes can simplify complex issues

Prof. Javed Ali is known to be the most amazing teacher in Kolkata. He recently retired from the government college but still wanted to continue teaching. He was passionate about spreading his knowledge and helping people. His kids came up with an idea to open up a coaching institute for their dad. This will not only help him continue his passion but also generate money. Most of the people in Kolkata knew about the incredible teaching style of Javed so within a month the idea of coaching institution was a success.

Javed was a old school person, little was he interested in the money he made, all he wanted was to teach. Parents took advantage of this attitude and most of them used to pay late fees or didn’t pay at all. As there was hardly any proper records maintained, the parents could escape their wrong doings by manipulating Prof. Javed. When his kids came back after few months to help out doing the accounts they realized one-fourth of the total fees was still not received. They knew the nature of their father so they came with a digitalized solution. They introduced a pocket classroom app Proctur where all the fee records can be easily maintained. The parents were regularly alerted with amount of fees they need to pay. The app took care of the amount received and amount left for every student and all the notifications were sent to the parents. So neither the parents nor the students can bluff Prof.Javed and the administration became much easier. Now, parents and institution can update themselves about every dues left and can pay the amount with few clicks on their phones.