Make excuse or make changes the choice is yours!

Basketball never left Saurabh’s soul but India doesn’t support much of a career in that sport. Saurabh never left playing and had to adjust between games and academics. Most of the times he used to miss his exams with an excuse of a basketball match. Parents and teachers were upset with the regular miss and needed a solution for the same. The coaching institution thought of considering Saurabh’s case as a special case and they started sending prior notification of any exam updates to Saurabh and his parents. Slowly, all parents got to know about the fact that Saurabh’s parents had this special facility and they demanded for the same.

It became very difficult for the management to send a reminder to every student and parent. They used a lot of ways to inform all the parents by maintaining registers, excel but some or the error used to lead to another round of complaints from the parents side. They started searching for alternatives but none reduced their work. All the alternatives where difficult to use by the management and teachers. So the search for the best way out of the problem never ended. Until one day, while surfing on internet they found an user-friendly app which alerts and notifys both the parents and the students about every exam updates. Therefore, both the parents and the students know about their next exam schedule and no excuses would be further entertained. Thus, the coaching institute became a part of the best smart phone pocket classroom-PROCTUR. Proctur changed the whole ideology towards technology and changed the way institute used to communicate, its easy and user friendly. Now the institution doesn’t have any complaints, only good education.