Technology can become a boon in hand rights

Shah tutorials where one of the best known tutorials of the Jalandarpur. Almost all the children of the city used to attend their tutorials. They had the best teachers, best infrastructure and four branches of their own at different locations of the city. All the four branches where taught by the same teachers, so that the quality of the education is maintained.

More and more students started joining the institution. With the increase in the number of students, the amount of burden on the administration department increased. Management started receiving lots of complains about bad administration. Enquiries were not being answered, problems were not being resolved and all this started spoiling the name of the institution in the market. It’s a well known fact that in the business of coaching sectors service to the customers should never be compromised. They try to solve the issue by appointing new expertised people but it cost them more and yet the problems were not solved. Soon they came across a pocket classroom app- PROCTUR.

Proctur helped them solving enquiries and connecting to the required person. There are constant reminders of the enquires so that they don’t have to take individual care as Proctur does it for them. Any number of students, parents and teachers of the institution can be easily connected through the app. So Proctur takes care of the service so that educators can focus on quality education.