Sometimes all you need is a knockout solution to achieve excellence

Shyam was known for his brilliance in the field of physics. Name any concept and he has crystal clear knowledge about it. Though he studied in 12th standard but his knowledge was much beyond his age. He wanted to be an aeronautical engineer. The main problem was that just the way he loved physic, he hated studying chemistry. His parents enrolled him to one of the best coaching institute of the city thinking he might study chemistry under pressure of the coaching institute. Things seemed to be going right until his parents saw the marksheet of the first exam where he scored very well in physics and failed in chemistry.

His parents were really upset with his performance. They visited the coaching institute and blame them for their son’s failure. The coaching institute calls the faculty and they get to know that shyam and his few friends always used to bunk chemistry classes. This made the coaching institute look bad for not taking care of the student’s attendance. At the same point of time it was difficult to them to keep in track of all the hundred students and keep notifying the parents about the same.This lead to the idea of introducing a smart solution and making PROCTUR- a pocket classroom part of the students, parents and teachers life. Here students can give biometric attendance and the parents will get an instant notification of their children presence and absence in the class. Therefore, there will be proper records of the attendance of all the students and parents can no more blame the coaching institute for not taking personal care of every student who were the part of the instituition.