Scratching his head to the recent news of protest of the opposition party, Mr. Khan, a renowned teacher of mathematics knew all his class scheduling and planners will be disturbed due to the protest that lead to curfew for next few days. Khan academy was a well-known coaching institute for all kind of competitive exams owned by Mr.Khan. As we all know the key to crack competitive exams is to prioritize time management. Any change in the scheduled plan disturbs the whole pattern of teaching. Same goes for the Khan Academy whenever there is change in the scheduling due to any natural and manmade crisis, it adds up to extra burden to the administrative department as they have to re-schedule the same and communicate it to all the students. However, some or the other way it becomes difficult to re-plan the whole change and inform it. Mr. Khan always received complaints regarding the problems faced due to the sudden change in schedules. Mr. Khan realized this problem needs a permanent solution to fix the disturbance in the coaching. So the search of solution began where they came across various techniques but none came with proper assistance. Some were complicated to use and others needed proper technology support which was expensive. The problem seemed to be inexplicable.

One day when Mr. Khan went to his college reunion he met his friend Mr. Javed who ran another coaching institute. They started discussing about the recent protest and Mr.Khan told about his problem regarding re-scheduling. Listening to this, Mr. Javed laughed and said why was he wasting time, money and energy on scheduling classes when he can simply download PROCTUR APP and fix any problem related to class scheduling. He told how Proctur is the best and easiest way out of the trouble of time-management. The coaching institute management solution that provides with an error free service, easily compatible class scheduling system where everyone gets alerted about their schedules and any changes is regularly updated by the app. This app can be easily accessed by the students, parents and teachers at their fingertips. Mr. Khan was impressed listening to the pros and made it a point to introduce the app in the institution.