Education has no boundaries

Hari was a very renowned mathematics teacher in one of the best institution of his city. Every student of that city wanted to be the part of his class. But according to the rule of the coaching institution only the toppers were allotted to attend his classes. Hari loves to teach and didn’t want to limit his teaching to the toppers only. He complained the higher authorities but no one bothered his request.

So he decided to start his own coaching institution. As he was starting new he wanted to do maximum things on his own and employee less people and the only thing that could have made it possible would be digitalization. He wanted to invest less yet give an excellent service to all the students who will be a part of his coaching institute. His nephew gave him the idea to go and search for the best type of digital and easy to use app that can turn the tables for him and make it possible to be a part of the coaching institution with minimum investments. Then he came across PROCTUR app that believed that the brilliance of teaching shouldn’t be measured by the brand name but by the quality of education that is provided by the educator. Proctur uses latest technologies and working on AI (Artificial Intelligence) to further develop best products for buyer. Two of the already developed products helps in managing enquiry / Attendance / Fees / Exams / Employee / Inventory / Online Fee Collection / Online Examination / Offline Examination and Student Teacher Communication etc.

Hari found it to be the best solution for his coaching institute and joined the pocket classroom app. With minimum investment he could provide the best education.